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Four Secrets to Achieve Effective Online Marketing

A lot of brands are making use of video content to talk or sell their product on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The use of video content keeps increasing due to its effectiveness.

Video marketing is quite effective in today’s business world because most people spend their time online and the interest rate in reading, watching television, or listening to the radio has greatly decreased.

Though video marketing seems to be the most effective online form of marketing, some businesses still face some challenges hitting the ad target. This article focuses on secret tips to run a successful video marketing ad.

Effective video marketing secret tips

Focus on telling a story, video should not sound too salesy

Brands who want their videos to be watched need to create valuable content for the viewer and they have to be centered on the brand instead of driving sales to prevent it from being ignored.

The best video content has to tell stories that the viewer can connect with. When the video focuses on a story, it will help viewers understand the brand better, what they are selling, and how it can be beneficial to them.

Use the first seconds wisely

Today’s generation has a short attention span which can last for 8.5 seconds. When it comes to creating a successful marketing video, it has to bring the brand’s story to life quickly so it can easily capture the viewer’s mind as they scroll through their feeds.

The first few seconds should provide clarity about what the video is all about and why it is worth watching.

One of the best ways to grasp the attention of a viewer is creating a hook for the video, which gives viewers a sneak-peak of what the video is all about. 

Target important audiences on Facebook

One of the best content sharing platforms is Facebook and what makes it outstanding is the possibility of sharing targeted information. This makes the video reach a wider audience because Facebook’s post target allows brands to post segmented information following; age, interest gender, location, and languages.

Facebook marketing proves to be a very effective tool, especially when combined with other channels like email or SMS to create a cohesive marketing campaign. 

Just the selected audience can view the Facebook post on their news feed or the brand page. This helps in making more people view the video content since it is within their interests.

Add call to action

When creating videos, be sure to include calls to action (CTA) in the video. A CTA does not necessarily have to be a direct lead to a sale or signing up, but can include; subscribing to a channel, following a page, liking, commenting, checking other content posted on the page, and sharing the video with friends.

A CTA can be inserted at the beginning of the video so the viewer can just make use of the opportunity and watch later. A CTA can also be included in the middle of the video where the engagement is the highest or at the end of the video to ensure the viewer is interested before making any other move.


Video marketing is one of the most effective means of marketing and every brand needs to make use of them. Since the attention span of today’s generation is short, every second count, so ensures to use the short time to create engaging content.