G Suite: All about the suite of Google Applications

How enthusiastic there are! It has been a long time since we talked about business software for our entrepreneurs. Today we want to analyze how through a domain with Google Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar and more, the productivity of your business can take off.

  • All in 1 for what was previously called Google Apps for Work.
  • But is it worth it? It depends.

Why it’s Good?

  • More natural
  • Won’t repeat
  • More likely to click

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Why it’s bad?

  • might be repeated

What is G Suite?      

GSuite is a set of applications focused on increasing the productivity of companies and achieving their established objectives. How do you increase productivity? With its applications made to improve communication, cloud storage, collaboration for teamwork and business control for computer security.

We start with the most important thing: G Suite pricing. This is set according to the chosen plan and the number of users. For Google, a user is anyone who has an email of the type

Google G Suite New Update Call “Google Meet”

Hangouts Meet has a very light and fast interface and allows you to easily manage meetings of up to 250 people. To start meetings, you originally needed to have a G Suite account, but Google now makes it available to everyone, with different levels of functionality. You can find it at and it runs in the browser if you are using a PC.

As well businesses and individuals increasingly use virtual meeting and chat services, especially in these busy times at home.So, for the solution of all individuals Google Meet is being a standalone product recently updated, Google is making it available free through 30th September 2020.Google has its own tools called Google Meet and Google Chat.

G Suite Basic

The basic G Suite plan costs $ 6 per user per month or $ 72 per user per year. Sometimes I have seen limited promotions leaving this package at 4 dollars per user.

  • Personalized email addresses of type
  • Video and voice call with hangouts
  • 30 GB of cloud storage
  • Calendar (appointment scheduling, shared events)
  • Online documents to write, calculate and present (google docs, Google Sheets and google slides)
  • Website construction
  • 24×7 support
  • Security and administration controls

G Suite Business

The G Suite business plan costs twelve (12) dollars per user per month or 144 dollars per user per year. In other words, no G suite discount for requesting the year. Includes everything in the basic plan plus:

  • More storage. Unlimited to be more exact.
  • Smart search through cloud search. This is nothing more than a search that goes beyond the file name, includes the content of the file. It is very useful.
  • Message and chat retention policies, which allow you to define the retention time of these based on specific conditions.
  • Audit reports to track user activity. Something very useful for legal aspects.

G Suite Enterprise

A premium package. It offers additional administrative controls to those of the Business edition. The price is 25 dollars per user per month.

  • Additional controls to prevent the loss of data in Gmail, for example the sending of sensitive information such as credit card numbers.
  • The above, also applied to drive.
  • S / MIME signatures to increase the security of sending your emails, by adding encryption protocol and electronic encryption.
  • Gmail integration with third-party archiving tools.
  • Additional security keys for access to system administrators.

G Suite for Education

Exclusively aimed at educational centers. Your Price: Free so far. It includes all the G suite tools (100gb limitation for google sites) along with classroom, a tool to create, share and grade tasks.

G Suite Teams

Team G Suite focuses on collaboration. It allows you to create documents, unlimited cloud storage, access files from your desktop, smartphone, or tablet; all with full control of the team’s access to documents. It has a cost of 10 dollars per user per month.