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How Auto-tracking cameras are being used with LMS software

Auto tracking cameras are commonly used in education to streamline video creation for learning management systems. Learning management systems are modernizing education by allowing students to access class information online. Learning management systems or LMS systems, provide teachers with new ways to engage students outside of the classroom. One of the most difficult things for teachers to create for their classes is high quality video recordings of their presentations. In this blog post, you can learn why auto tracking cameras are beneficial for educators. Today many colleges and universities are using auto tracking cameras to automate the process of capturing high quality video recordings for lectures that are uploaded to popular LMS systems such as Moodle, Blackboard, Kaltura and Panopto.

Automation of the Learning Management System

For recording presentations or lectures, an auto-tracking camera system can be integrated into most online learning management systems using a lecture capture system. Lecture capture solutions from companies like Echo360 and Mediasite help to make the process of recording lectures and uploading them to LMS systems easier. Lecture capture solutions often pair audio and video from multiple sources such as SDI or HDMI for video and XLR or USB for audio. The lecture capture solution is generally network connected and can therefore record and upload lectures directly to an online LMS system. When the lecture capture system is connected to an auto-tracking camera, there is no need to have a human operating the system.

Any educational institution can make sure that a student never misses out on a lecture by having their lectures recorded automatically. With a little training regarding the audio visual system your school has in place, most teachers can forget about the technology and simply teach.

How is an auto tracking camera useful for Distance Learning?

Auto tracking cameras also support distance learning solutions. There are three important tracking modes that enable organizations of varying sizes to create valuable experiences for all digital learners. HuddleCamHD is the best for excellent quality and high precision auto tracking camera models to automate your training, video recordings, and lecture captures.

The drawback of single camera devices in distance learning is that they offer only limited viewing; users can only see the face of the teacher and not the background. Auto tracking cameras resolve the problem by enabling the teacher to move freely around the classroom to assist students in explaining experiment procedures, models, and whiteboard content.

Its Multi-Presenter detection facility aids students to work without constantly adjusting the tracking process. This advanced camera solution eliminates the requirement of wearing or carrying devices by using high-end technology like the analysis of image movement and facial detection to focus on the presenter.

What are the key features of an auto tracking camera?

The following are the features of this camera that are going to simplify your lecture capture:

Easy capture of recordings

With the reliable and advanced automated tracking camera, you can easily capture your lectures or conference recording workflow. With an IP connection, the camera offers high-tech features and remote management for seamless 24/7 operations.

It can also be configured to offer optimal performance, with software capabilities that track as well as block zones for optimization of the overall performance of the auto-tracking camera.

Easy to Setup

The camera is quick to install and easy to use. A single person can effortlessly manage several classrooms and view each classroom remotely as per their need.

Because of these features, many universities have been adopting this software to improve the overall academic experience. It enables them to capture HD quality video recordings of presentations conducted in the classrooms without any hassle.

Remote Management

Remote management functionality enables simplified controlling of several cameras via a single software present on the same network. The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2 for example, can be remotely controlled over the network when users do not need auto tracking. Auto-tracking functionality can be turned on over the network remotely at any time. Most colleges and universities keep auto-tracking features on 24/7. Many IT administrators use the remote management software to view multiple cameras in classrooms that they need to for their job.


Now that you know about the benefits, you must seriously consider making the investment on an automated tracking camera solution for your classrooms, lecture halls, or labs. It’ll help your institute stand out from your competitors in the field of education. If you want to make your business grow with an innovative and progressive system, you should implement this technology today.