How can a B.Tech CSE with specialisation in Blockchain boost your career prospects?

B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Blockchain is a four-year undergraduate programme that primarily focuses on understanding cryptocurrency functionally and operationally. The course aims at helping students gain knowledge of current and emerging models for blockchain technology. Equipped with advanced coursework, this programme aims at highlighting research challenges and technical gaps that tend to crop up between theory and actual practice in the cryptocurrency sector. 

Further, the program will teach students to configure a better development platform that enables further insights into applications of blockchain in cybersecurity and varied mechanisms of contract enforcement. An advanced curriculum that brings out basic cryptographic primitives used in blockchain along with addressing fundamental blockchain concepts, segregating myth and reality of this industry is the USP of this course. 

With core modules that include design and analysis of algorithms, data structures, web designing, cryptography and theory of computation, you will be well prepared to pursue a variety of job roles that include blockchain developer, cryptocurrency analyst and AI engineer, and more. 

Here is what these interesting career options hold for you after B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Blockchain. 

  1. Blockchain Developer- The core work of a blockchain developer is to develop and optimise blockchain protocols, design blockchain systems and give shape to smart contracts and web apps. Three main aspects of blockchain system which is design, architecture and security fall in the job responsibility of a blockchain developer. They not only design consensus protocols and architecture of the network but also supervise it. Given the growing implementation of blockchain, this job profile is highly in demand and central to business operations. 
  • Blockchain Data Scientist- The responsibilities of a blockchain data scientist is varied. They monitor market changes, growing trends and also any development in an economic and regulation sector that can impact the blockchain industry. They also analyse a huge number of quantitative and qualitative data to get relevant insights that the research and market team can use. As part of their job role, they also carry out ongoing competitive intelligence and gather blockchain performance data from various sources- internal and external. 
  • Cryptocurrency Analyst and AI Engineer- The job of a cryptocurrency analyst  encompasses various things ranging from analysing trends, pricing and demand to trading cryptocurrencies in varied volumes. They can be asked to analyse just a particular currency or the cryptocurrency market as a whole. The rise in cryptocurrency biome ensures a stable career option where you can work with financial institutes or even smaller organisations. As an analyst, you will also be called on to direct the outlook of a firm or a client on cryptocurrency markets.

An undergraduate degree in B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Blockchain gives one tech-powered skill set and valuable to make a long term career ahead.