How Can I Sell My Phone for Cash?

The iPhone 12 is reportedly weeks away from release. That means if you have an older phone, you may be on the market to sell your device and try to get some cash out of it while you can, which can help you purchase a newer model phone for less.

Selling your used iPhone 11 or older can be a great way to get together money for your upgrade. Every iPhone model has a different price tag. Additionally, depending on the carrier, condition, and the storage capacity, that price tag can change.

To get an idea of your phone’s actual value, you need to evaluate a few details: the condition, whether it’s broken or not, what carrier it’s on, what accessories you may have for it, and if it’s still under contract.

A Phone’s Physical Condition Affects Cash Value

The condition of your device is a big factor in determining how much you can get for the resale of your device. If you had your phone in a case and took good care of it, you’re more likely to get a higher resale value for your phone. If you did not use a case, and you did not take good care of it, then the resale value will be significantly lower.

Before selling your device, make sure you sure that you thoroughly clean and disinfect it and put in every effort to try to make it look as new as possible.

If your iPhone is broken, and you’re not looking for an iPhone repair, have no fear, as there are places that will still purchase your broken phone. Devices of all conditions do carry value, even if you have spilled coffee on it, cracked the screen, or broken it to the point where it will not even power on anymore.

Phone Carriers and Their Effect on Value

Carriers do have a major impact on the value of your device. Some carriers carry a more flexible unlock policy than others. Some will simply unlock iphone it by visiting their website and clicking a few buttons or using some iPhone unlock tools.

Many carriers lock their devices to their network so that it cannot be switched to another carrier. Carriers do this to ensure that bills will be satisfied and that the device will be paid off. The carriers always want to make sure obligations have been met.

If the device is under contract, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reputable buyback company that will give you the whole amount for what the device is worth. If possible, try to pay off any balance due on the phone to make sure that the customer who buys the phone from you has a usable phone. Often, with unpaid payments, a device will be blacklisted, rendering it useless and not able to activate on any carrier.

What Model is Your Phone?

There are so many generations that cause the buyback price of devices to vary quite a bit. Believe it or not, an iPhone 5s will still carry some value, if the condition is good or higher.

When you sell your device, it is imperative that you remove any iCloud locks, Android locks, and any other PIN locks that you may have.

Accessories Included?

It is always recommended to send in any accessories that you may have on hand when it comes to your device, especially more recent devices. Typically they will add value to the phone, tablet, or MacBook that you are trying to sell. Examples include:

  • Original box
  • Charging cable
  • Charging block
  • Instruction manual

Every little bit can count, the more you have, the more you’ll get back. Keep in mind that including accessories may not provide a big cash bonus on some of the older phones.

Where to Sell Your Phone?

There are a lot of options out there that offer cash for your phone. Marketplaces such as craigslist and Facebook provide simple platforms where you can sell to another buyer face-to-face. Bear in mind, that this type of sale has an inherent risk to it. Meeting with strangers is not always the safest option to exchange a device for cash. We urge folks to stay away from this option, as it is riskier, and there are horror stories of people being robbed or injured when selling an item like a phone or tablet in public.

Another online marketplace is eBay, which serves as a platform where users can list an item for sale. While this is a convenient option, there are certain things keep in mind: eBay fees, shipping costs, and your time required for shipping the device to the customer. These factors detract from the sale price of your phone and adds to the overall hassle of the transaction.

Another option to sell your iPhone would be to an online buyback website, like Tech Reboot, which are companies dedicated to buying new, used, and broken smartphones, tablets, and computers. Almost all of these websites have free value calculators that provide instant price quotes.

These websites normally don’t charge additional fees. As long as you accurately describe the device when you’re going through the checkout process, you’ll get paid quickly and the process will be quick and seamless.

Good Luck! Sell That Phone.

Regardless of what option you chose to sell your device, whichever choice you move forward with, you’re bound to get a good payout if you make sure that certain things are completed before sending it out. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive top dollar, you will increase your payout if you make sure the device is clean, wiped, and ready to be sold.