How Future Trends in Technology Will Change the Workplace?

Can you imagine a day without your mobile? Scary!!! Right. It is not an exaggeration. Not finding your mobile for 15 minutes can drive you nuts. It’s like technology has become this new-age sensation and obsession.

Sometimes it feels different to think that back in time people used to live without a smartphone. How did they survive without technology? We can even divide time as before technology and after technology. Don’t you think so?

Technology is the new cool kid in the block, how much ever you try you can’t escape from it. Smartphones, foldable laptops, VR’s all these are changing the way you see gadgets. And for tech junkie’s these new technological innovation cause an adrenaline rush.

To some extent, all these technological advancements have made business easy. Don’t you think so? They have made communication within and outside an organisation easy. Even HR and Employment law services are made online. Power of technology!!! It has influenced workplaces a lot and helped them in getting better. From these huge desktops attached to a desk, now people are using laptops at work. Where they can move flexibly around the office while working or attending a meeting.

People say technology is the future. So many companies are investing a lot of money in humanoid robots, driverless cars etc. If reports to be believed in the few coming years you may find more robots than humans involved in hard labour or manual work. Companies are striving to be more technology driven as it is helping them in improving their work and workforce.

Here are some of the changes that technology may bring to a workplace in future.

  1. Hail the Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is slowly making itself a part in humans day-to-day life. From credit card fraud alerts to movie recommendations on Netflix everything is driven by AI. In future, you might be seeing human and robots interacting and working as co-workers in a workplace. In the past, this was just a dream. But with changing times and technological advancements, this day is not so far.

Companies are more interested in opting to robots than human for tedious and repetitive work. This may be advantageous to companies that involve employees in dangerous works, as opting to AI can reduce work-force injuries etc. But we are yet to know how this AI driven technology will influence human relations at the workplace. The future workforce must adapt themselves well to AI as it has the potential to increase people’s engagement, the impact of a message and reduces the time to deliver that message and improves business efficiency.

AI will reform human connections in many ways. So it is important to get used to its presence and understand its importance. It makes delivering performance feedbacks and personal developments easy. Not everyone is ok with changes, some are not so comfortable with changes. So it is the responsibility of companies to familiarize their employees towards technological advancements.

  1. Cloud technologies

In future, companies are going to break barriers outside and within an organisation by leveraging internet with cloud technologies. This technology will give rise to many new business models. It will make managing IT more flexible, asset friendly and highly portable.

Companies are getting more attracted to cloud technology. It can cut ICT- related labour cost by 50%.  Provides more control to companies over data and helps in maintaining and managing it.

It handles both internal and external collaboration by getting back-end integration issues. Cloud computing enables transparency and interoperability to improve organisations efficiency by reducing power costs. Simply put the introduction of internet or computer has directed our generation towards a new tomorrow. In the same way, cloud technology is going to define a new wave of evolution to the next generation.

  1. Mobile and multimodal

Mobile has already become a huge part of our personal lives. Stats prove that in US people are spending more 71% of their time on mobile and 61% in the UK. This simple statement proves that the next generation of the workforce is going to become smarter than the present one.

They are not going to be tied to a desk instead they will be tied to their phones. It simply means that companies are looking for ways to make work easy and comfortable. It may increase the efficiency of their work. Automation is going to play a key role in this change. Bots have made tricky and time-consuming works interactive, mobile-friendly and lightweight. They even increased the productivity of a business and made it cost-efficient. You can say that Bot and automation are going to play a huge role in the next generation workplace.

The mobile revolution has changed the way in which people communicate. From emails, we have come a long way in communication. We have now moved to a multi-modal world where videos, photos, gifs, emails play a huge role. Videos are going to creep into your work life also. So companies are going to use all these multi-modal ways to improve communication with clients or employees.

Introduction of the internet into business has opened a lot of doors for business, in the same way, upcoming trends in technology are going to help your business grow. No business is immune to these technological advancements. In fact, these are making work and the workplace more enjoyable. In future people may even start working remotely, not bound to their desks anymore. Your living room may become your office.

All these advancements are for a better future. Where you can balance both your work life and personal life perfectly. It improves employee efficiency and business productivity. All the big companies are now investing in new innovations today to make a better tomorrow for their company and workforce.