How office design can affect the productivity and happiness of employees

According to the survey, happy employees are those where there is a conducive environment, a trusting place which increases their level of excitement, and productivity. It also gives an environment, which encourages open communication, encourages people to share ideas.

Why most of the organization consider the happiness of employees lies in successful organizational strategies

In the modern world which is increasingly turning towards digitalization, new technologies are being introduced like AI. People in the workplace many a time lost and unacknowledged about these technologies. However, great organizations are mostly built around the people. So how the organization reintroduces the human space in the workplace is a question in the world today. Besides, there is a positive side of happy employees. The below list shows why the happy employees are needed.

  • Happy employees are a better predictor of high job performance.
  • They receive more accurate evaluations from their superiors.
  • Set goals for themselves and achieves more positively.
  • At last, they go the extra mile, beyond the expectation of the roles and responsibilities.

Moreover, Research says that happy and engaged workers are more responsible for 43% productivity, 37% of increased sales and 51% of minimized employee turnover and 43% of less sick leaves.

How does the office design impact the happiness and productivity

Smart organization and businesses recognize the potentiality of effective office design and trying to create a more productive culture for the employees. According to the research, simple things such as office plants, wall art, Furniture at Work have an impact on human productivity and happiness. Here are the essential walkthroughs which merely turns the office into a motivating and inspiring workspace.

When designing the office space, the enclosure becomes a significant factor to consider. By enclosure we mean, the office which is covered by the doors, walls or a ceiling. The enclosed office space depends on the industry and the size of the business, the things where the employees are valued the most.

Office spaces have remodelled from the stuffy cubicles to fully open spaces. Many conversations are going about what kind of office design makes the most productive employees. Research has shown that an office which permits by the private and collaborative spaces is most efficient. Another area where proper enclosure is important is of course, the bathroom. Consider a bathroom redesign and keep in mind the standard bathroom partition dimensions.

Bringing the difference
Today’s world is mostly comprised of the millennials. Numerous organizations are rolling-out with specific programmes and initiatives which ensures the talented workforce that has a happy time unwinding.

Most of the organizations are concentrating more on infrastructure and HR policies which are inspired by an open-door culture.

Leading organizations as of today mainly boast of a fresh and colourful office set up. which in turn help in setting the tone of the human force to be naturally happy.

Even the organizations are conducting events such as town-halls, huddle weeks, and meet the CEO sessions which are instrumental in cultivating an environment that fosters happiness and productivity.

Businesses are also emphasizing on employees concerns and wishes, their requests and keeping their ears open in regards to the feedback given by employees as highly efficient.

Some start-ups are introducing facilities like internet cafes, libraries and gaming zones exclusively for employees which have given a fascinating result.

In the recent past, even the role of HR function has genuinely evolved.  Businesses have included the HR activities in a more strategic plan and are showing the improvements. HRs nowadays are coming up with new initiatives and policies and making sure that the company has the knowledge and talented resources.

Natural Light
Humans have a psychological benefit to the light naturally and designing the workplace with the vast inflow of natural light that typically find healthier staff with a high energy level of working culture.

Offices are incorporating more on smart window technologies and vast open spaces that penetrates the flow of sunlight in the open spaces. Studies have shown that good exposure to the natural daylight and greenery outside boosts employee productivity and wellbeing.

Neuroscientists say that employees who work in organizations with windows exposing 173% to natural light enjoy extra sleep every night. On the other side, poor lighting can cause headaches and a high level of stress hampering employee performance.

Ergonomic Workstations
Use of good desk layouts, supportive chairs, and standing desks are better ergonomic approaches to promote health at the workspace. workspaces should provide the movement for the employees to perform the jobs optimally.

According to a survey conducted by Indiana University, setting up the best computer workstation includes giving the natural way of working conditions. Providing a comfortable posture prevents stress and strains.

The workspace which is very crowded and congested has a negative impact on both productivity and creativity. Working in an unhealthy atmosphere is a stressful experience for the employees as it hampers the movement also.

Movement in the office helps employees to have useful and collaborative conversations with colleagues. This type of conversation help in solving various office related problems because there will be a chance of sharing knowledge.

Changing the Game
Right from the initial day of the office, employees should feel a pleasant experience, which leads to a growth story of the company. New human force needs to feel comfortable and the information which goes out has to be clear.

Employees are the assets of the company and need to give a friendly culture wherein they can express their opinions and progress freely.

State of the art facilities needs to provide all through the year and are meant to translate into the employee delight which is the right mantra for success.

Most of the top businesses, in fact, have a medical set up and an in-house doctor to help their employees in an emergency.

The technologies are always growing and changing at a rapid speed. The new technologies are helping the employees to work productively. Organizations, in turn, coming up with creative ideas which shows a way to showcase the technical knowledge.

Reskilling endeavours are taken as an investment for the talent today. Employees need to be equipped with this new methods and technologies. This reaps the advantages of the added insights which needs to be gained over time.


As per the famous quote whoever is happy will try to make others comfortable too. This is suitable for today’s human resources scenario. Eventually, a pleasant employee would boost the productivity in an office.

In turn, these employees will drive the growth ratio. Following these principles by ensuring employees happiness with increased motivation is the primary key. For entrepreneurs who are driven by global talent and their efficient performance, the well-being and happiness should be taken into account with utmost seriousness.

Besides, Offices around the world are shifting and being more employee-centric. They are designing their office to suit the psychological and physical wee-being and provide an opportunity for a friendly atmosphere.