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How Social CRM Enhances Your Customer Service

Social media is currently a popular medium being used to express oneself, air complaints, communicate, and be entertained. Also, it’s a revolutionary and innovative platform for business owners to connect, engage, and deliver a message to their intended audience.

Social customer relationship management or social CRM refers to integrating social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram, into CRM platforms, so customers can freely interact with different businesses via their preferred channels. But, how can social CRM improve customer service?

Optimizes Your Service Levels

Social CRM is a great tool for businesses trying to optimize service levels. It provides data that can help businesses understand customers better. Also, it helps businesses handle customer service right by providing tailor-fit responses to the customers’ changing needs, wants, and buying behaviors.

Regardless of channel, consumers, nowadays, expect the same excellent level of service from a business. Also, consumers expect seamless communication fast transactions, plus they have rising expectations every time as well. That’s why consumers consult social media and search engines before making any purchase.

Here are ways social CRM can optimize your service levels:

  • By learning how to use social CRM, you can use this tool to reach more people and get relevant data as to why social media users interact with you or what posts appeal to them. In that way, you’re able to provide them with content that is helpful, entertaining, and relevant.
  • With social CRM, consumer interaction can be tracked, including likes, shares, and comments. Also, it can be managed like you would a traditional CRM system (tracking a telephone call or email inquiry).

Faster Customer Service

Social media is real-time and instantly connects you with your audience wherever they may be in the globe. That’s why social CRM allows customer service representatives to speak directly with consumers.

Social listening involves merely hearing what customers have to say or complain about your products and services. It also involves reaching out and responding to all relevant questions or issues. Customers nowadays use social media to communicate, so being active and strengthening your social media presence with CRM counts a lot.

Here are ways social CRM can hasten your customer service:

  • Tracks customers’ queries and answers them as soon as possible using pre-recorded messages
  • Designates staff to respond to all queries
  • Sets up and confirms appointments
  • Analyzes all relevant social CRM data and makes sounder business decisions based on your customers’ immediate and future needs
  • Professionally responds to negative comments and shows appreciation to your customers by commenting or posting unique, appealing, and informative messages in varying content forms

Improves Customer Experience

So, what’s the connection between customer experience and CRM?  Customer experience is formed during the interaction of customers with your brand, representing how they perceive your company in all stages of communication. Remember that a poor customer service or complicated sales process can change their overall impression of your company.

This is the reason why the level of customer experience, as expressed in Net Promoter Score or NPS, is used as a service level metric of many companies. NPS measures how likely a customer will recommend your products and services. In short, it’s customer satisfaction. And, one of the best ways to seek NPS results is using social CRM. When your customers are happy, it means that you’ve provided them with excellent customer experience and customer service.

Here are the best features and benefits of social CRM to look for to help improve customer experience:

  • Peer-To-Peer Interaction: This feature or application can be built on your social CRM. It empowers customers to help each other, augmenting customer service.
  • Service Center Improvement: It improves the quality of customer support, controlling the cost at the same time. Outcome improvement is rooted in a deeper understanding of the needs of your customers and improved problem solving, addressing customer satisfaction.
  • Social Media Monitoring: It has unquestionable value when it comes to fine-tuning your business operations. By collecting pertinent data about potential and existing customers and competitors, you’ll better understand your target audience and improve your customer service and business operations.

Multi-Channel Social Network Integration

It’s a fact that social media channels are proliferating and expanding. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube provide a wide array of avenues, thus target customers can be easily located, tracked, and engaged. Also, Pinterest and other smaller social media channels continue to grow and can be considered worthwhile places to search and engage potential and existing customers.

Here are ways the multichannel integration feature of social CRM can enhance your customer service:

  • Social CRM tool includes support for many of the leading social media channels, and so as for your social media strategies. One of the best ways to know what platform is best for your company is to determine the best channels that lead the way to most customers.
  • After which, you can choose a social media platform that provides the best integration with your CRM, and start engaging with your audience.
  • Deciding to use different social media platforms is a great way to connect to a broader range of audience, increasing your brand visibility, and allowing you to better assess and respond to customers’ concerns.

Personalized Customer Approach

In social media, everything seems to be personal. You’ll find people giving their opinions about current issues, expressing how bad or good their day has been, or how excellent or frustrating a product or customer service is.

So, why not use social media to your advantage?  Through social CRM, you’ll be able to penetrate the social media world of consumers. It allows you to dive deeper into their real intentions, wants, and demands. By doing so, you’ll be able to create content, products, and services that are innovative, resourceful, and helpful, improving their lives and, eventually, getting their buy-in.


Social CRM can enhance your customer service in many ways. It helps optimize your service levels by tracking customer interaction through likes, shares, and comments. Also, this tool enhances customer experience through peer-to-peer interaction, social media monitoring, service center improvement, and multi-channel social media integration.

All of these features help you understand your target audience better as you’re able to gain knowledge about their behaviors, reactions, and journey with your brand. By using social CRM, you’ll be able to provide the best customer service possible, highly benefiting your business, not only in terms of profits, but also when it comes to establishing a solid customer relationship.