How This Simple Shipping Concept Can Help Your Business

You may not have even heard of the term “LTL”, but there are several ways that it can benefit your small business. This shipping concept, commonly only known by those in the shipping industry, can save small businesses money if they know how to use it, as it provides a simple and effective way to cut down on shipping costs.

LTL is defined as a freight shipment that does not completely fill an entire freight truck and can range anywhere from 150 pounds to 10,000 pounds (shipments over 10,000 pounds are usually a full freight truckload, or FTL). Shipping locally, as well as finding low cost international shipping options can be stressful and time consuming for businesses, especially small ones, but with less than truckload shipping, shipments are quicker, more convenient and cheaper. Below are several ways in which LTL shipping can benefit small businesses and save them money.

Quicker delivery time is one of the biggest reasons companies use less than truckload shipping. LTL shipments tend to have quicker delivery time on their shipments than full truckload shipments do. This happens because LTL shipments have fewer logistics to figure out: they have fewer stops, and weigh-in stops go much faster, meaning shipments arrive at a faster-scheduled rate.

Another huge advantage that LTL shipments give to small businesses is that they are transported at just a fraction of the cost than it takes to hire an entire freight truck for exclusive business shipments. When using LTL shipping methods, the carrier puts every shipment from several different businesses onto one truck, which allows each shipper to pay only a small fraction of the total shipping cost. It’s a little like a carpool service, only for shipments!

LTL shipping also offers services for small businesses that are billed at a flat rate or a weight-based surcharge. These services are beneficial for shipping carriers because it allows them to extend their business and services to smaller companies across the nation – services that smaller businesses need but can’t afford through FTL shipping methods.

LTL shipping gives small businesses the ability to ship small amounts of products across the country and even internationally. Cheap international shipping and national shipping are a wonderful by-product of using LTL shipping. Instead of having to wait for and pay for full shipments across the country or further, you can ship something as small as you need and save your business money. LTL shipping means cheap international shipping, national shipping, and local shipping.

When you use an LTL carrier, your business gets a little peace of mind: an assurance that your shipment will arrive at its destination safely, reliably and inexpensively. Small businesses have the ability to track their shipments and keep the LTL shipping carriers accountable for getting shipments to their destination on time. In short, using LTL shipping methods save small businesses time and money, and make the entire shipping process much less of a headache!