How to create a lifelong tradition of learning

Successful people globally have a passion for learning and commit to deepening their understanding and knowledge of the world. According to Michael Simmons, this is how successful people take learning a notch higher. Warren Buffet spends between 5 to 6 hours a day reading 500 pages of business reports and newspapers. The founder and owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, read one book in a fortnight. Elon Musk, as a youth, read two books daily.

The majority of successful people dedicate part of their day to reading. It is a recognition of the fact that they need to grow by deepening knowledge and understanding. It is wise to follow the footsteps of these successful personalities. While you might not reach their reading level, taking small steps is the surest way to cultivate a lifelong tradition of learning. The following five steps by will get you started.

Define what you need to know

It is good to have a general desire to learn; however, to develop lifelong learning, cultivate specific thoughts on what you want to focus on. Determine the theme of what you want to read about and outcomes you want to at the end of the reading session. With passion and desired outcomes, chart a study path for your learning. Take note your focus may change over time.

Outline goals to realize your objectives

After determining what you want to learn, what follows your goals will give you the momentum to discover knowledge in the chosen subject. To realize this, develop reading objectives. The following ways will help you support your objectives.

  • Join a physical or virtual discussion group
  • Allow friends to join you in your learning goals
  • Consider taking an online class to deepen your understanding of the subject.

Make several mediums to assist you in learning.

When it comes to the availability of learning resources, we live in richer times where resources are within our reach. Regardless of the subject, you want to learn, there are thousands of resources and several mediums. The huge number of mediums allows us to learn in several ways, depending on our preferred learning styles and circumstances. Available mediums include audio, videos, smartphone Apps, etc. For a richer experience, one can mix these mediums.

Schedule your learning

If you do not plan your learning, then other activities will crowd your day. As humans, our lives are hectic and busy. When our inbox is full of work emails, we can get tempted to push aside learning in favor of work. It is keen to prioritizing short-term gain for long-term loss. Try to create some time daily for learning purposes. Make your mind on when and the location you will conduct your learning activities.

Keep company with passionate learners.

Studies have shown that we are an average of five people whom we hang around together. Ask yourself how this applies to your learning practices. Do the people you spend your time with inspire you to learn something new? Do the same people’s values pursue the understanding of specific subjects and knowledge? If you do not spend time with people with a passion for lifelong learning, then the chances are that you will not become one.


Learning is essential for success and growth in life. If you strive to learn in the course of your life continuously, then change, and passion is your portion.