How to delete Whats App photos and videos

1 Billion people around 180 countries in the world use Whats App to connect people and communicate with their family and friends anywhere and anytime. It is available for free and is reliable for calling, messaging, sharing media with one another.
It has become one of the options or an alternative for SMS. Whats App has been updating instantly and is desired to make communication conveniently. All the information that is shared and sent to another Whats App is completely secured, it means no one can read and find the media and messages that are shared. An end-to-end encryption has been developed so as to provide 100% security for the users.

Meanwhile, many small businesses opt Whats App for their business in order to promote their products/services. Group chatting is allowed so as to communicate the same message for many users with a single interface. It may include 256 people in a Group. Name and group icon can be attached to the created Group. It can be of an individual wish. There are a few options available in the settings, based on the necessity, the user can select them.
But in case of over usage and if the application is occupying the phone storage, there are a few methods and settings that involves erasing or deleting the unnecessary data from the device.
Here in this article, deleting the media i.e, photos and videos on different devices are explained in a step-by-step manner:

1. On Android device

Open the downloaded Whats App application and log in. On the top right corner, there is a drop-down list, from there select Settings menu.
Once the settings page is opened, select Chats option then click on Chat history and select “Delete all chats” option below. Make sure to enable “Delete media from my phone” option. Cross-check before continuing the process.
A pop-up message is indicated with a DELETE option. Click it. That’s it!! All the Chats history and media will be removed.

Note: Deleting individual chat conversation or media can also be performed on the Android device with a few steps:
Open individual chat, towards right corners, click options button which is shown in 3 dots. Below that click on “more” options button and then select “Clear Chat” option. Hence, the individual conversation is cleared.

A new feature is been evolved in deleting personal chat- “Delete for me” and “Delete for Everyone“. So, select accordingly before vanishing the data.

2. On iPhone device

Open Whats App and log in. Now, open Settings option located towards the bottom-right corner. The settings page is opened and an option Chats is listed in between, tap on it, a Delete All Chats option is available in the menu. Select it!!
It prompts to enter the phone number, so enter the number that is used during login. That’s all with a single step, all the media will be cleared from the application as well from the device.
Check the application after the process of deletion, all the chat and conversation will be deleted and is shown similar to a fresh account.

Note: Deleting individual chat conversation or media can also be performed on the iPhone device with a few steps:
Open Whats App, select any conversation, click on the saved name, there will be a detailed list shown below. From the list, select “Clear Chat” Option below which is displayed in red font. A pop-up “Delete all messages” is shown, Click on it. By doing that, individual chat can be cleared including messages and media like photos, videos, documents, audio, or any zip file.


All the above steps are to be verified and performed before deleting. Because once the data is cleared, it cannot be revoked or retrieved. So make sure to verify before.
It is suggested to have a backup for the chat conversation before clearing. Where in, the necessary media and messages can be starred, so during the deletion process, they can be saved.