How to Stop Whats App from Auto Downloading and Saving Photos, Videos

Whats App is the most famous and frequently used messenger that lets anyone send, forward text messages, audios, videos and photos to the friends and family and in return receive them too.
It has acquired 900 million+ dynamic users. It is a cross-platform messaging app and is accessible for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia. Without paying for SMS it permits exchanging the boundless messages.

The most well-known agony with the app is that it consequently downloads and automatically saves the pictures, recordings and so forth of course. It remained a big bother over losing the security since anybody can get to see images and recordings through the Gallery. The auto-downloading highlight is very simple to weaken in Whats App. Because of this auto-downloading highlight, a great deal of web knowledge present on the smartphone is consuming and it has a tendency to revive with internet recharges all the more regularly. Here, are a few steps to know how to stop auto downloading and saves of images, recordings and so forth.

For iPhone

For disabling the Media auto-downloading in the iPhone version of Whats App, here are a few steps:
1. Open Whats App click on Settings and towards bottom-right tap on Data and Storage Usage option.

2. Then select Media Auto-Download option for Audio, Photos, Videos, and Documents. In that select Never option.
That’s all!! only the images that are required can separately be downloaded. It is also allowed to save that image which is necessary to the Camera Roll by selecting options button in particular photo and click on save. Only those images were seen in the Gallery(i.e, Camera Roll)

For Android

For disabling the Media auto-downloading in the Android version of Whats App, here are a few steps:
1. Open Settings and towards right corner select Chats and Calls option.

2. Then select Media auto-download, then a list is displayed with options- Mobile data, WiFi, when roaming. When these options are disabled with respect to the wanted media file either it may be images, videos, and audios. Then preferred incoming media is stopped. When a particular image is required, open that image or photo click on save, it directly saves to the mobile Gallery.

For Windows phone

For disabling the Media auto-downloading in the Windows Phone version of Whats App, here are a few steps:
1. Click on 3 dots at the bottom, select the settings option.

2. Now select the Chats and calls option, there an option visible named media auto-download, click on “never” option for the images and other media.

For BlackBerry

For disabling the Media auto-downloading in the Windows Phone version of Whats App, here are a few steps:
Open Whats App and select Settings and select media settings option. Three options are visible, namely, when Using Cellular data, when using WiFi, on roaming- disable them all to avoid media auto-downloading of files like photos, videos, documents, audios.
There are many other types of OS present in different smartphones these days. So preferably, choose the options accordingly to avoid the media auto-downloading.


Whats App is one such messaging application which is used for business communication and also for personal communication. However, many groups can be created and thereby it is allowed to receive many media files from the recipients. But not everyone likes to download all the media sent by many unknown members of groups. So it is suggested to mute auto-download option in the settings. Also, whenever it is required to save an image it is suggested to download individually.