How to Develop Effective Relationships at Work  

Forging effective relationships at work makes each day at the workplace happier and more productive for both you and your colleagues. Having good relationships with colleagues and managers can even lead to promotional opportunities and pay increases. Here is a look at how you can develop effective relationships at work.


Find Solutions to Problems

There’s no doubt about it. Any workplace offers daily challenges, so there will always be problems that need addressing. However, too many workers spend too much time identifying and complaining about problems without ever offering solutions. If you constantly moan about issues, you will soon bring the whole team down. That can negatively impact your relationship with others. Instead, spend your time thinking about thoughtful solutions to any problems encountered. Finding solutions to issues at work and being committed to implementing them will earn the respect and admiration of your coworkers and your boss.


Give Gifts to Show Your Appreciation


Everyone wants to feel appreciated at work. The more people receive appreciation for the work they do, the more productive work relationships become. Take the time to say thank you and show your gratitude to colleagues who help you with tasks. By complementing people for a job well done, you will build effective relationships with them, and the working environment will become less stressful and more enjoyable. You can even take this a step further by giving gifts to coworkers or bosses to really show your appreciation. Finding the right gift for colleagues and management can be tricky, though. It’s a good idea to stick to edibles, as everyone likes receiving tasty treats. Great foodie corporate gift ideas include cookies, chocolates, gourmet cheeses etc.


Don’t Talk. Listen!


There is a time-and-place to talk and to listen. If you are in a meeting, speaking up about great ideas you have for a particular project is a way of gaining your colleagues and bosses’ admiration. But if you’re always talking and never listening, you’ll rub your coworkers up the wrong way. Practice active listening when talking to your colleagues. People respond much better to those who truly listen to what they are saying. By listening to others, you are sure to become someone who is trusted. It’s also essential to not gossip. Office politics and gossip are major relationship killers in the workplace. If you are experiencing an issue or conflict with a coworker, talk to them directly. Gossiping behind someone’s back will only exacerbate the situation and cause animosity between you.


Schedule Time to Develop Good Relationships


It only takes a few minutes each day to take time out to build good relationships with your colleagues or bosses. By actively devoting some of your time to other people at the workplace, you’re sure to develop good relationships with them. You could pop into a colleague’s office during lunch, engage with someone on social media, or ask a coworker out for a quick coffee. These little interactions will soon add up and create effective relationships.