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How to Introduce Your HR Team to Mobile Working

2020 saw many people being forced to leave their usual office environment and set up at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many people are still working from make-shift desks at home. It has been a difficult transitional period for many businesses, but certain benefits can also come from remote working. If you think you would like your team to start a more mobile working approach from now on, here are a few things you can do to help your HR department adjust.

Schedule Regular Meetings

It’s very important to touch base with your HR team regularly, and this is even more prevalent when you’re not all together working under one roof. Scheduling daily or weekly meetings via video call with the whole of your HR team is a great way for you to catch up with them and for everyone to make sure they understand what their weekly goals are. Your managers should also make themselves accessible to their HR team members for individual conversations throughout the week if need be.

Provide Mobile Apps

There is lots of excellent HR software available for your team to use, but if you’re going to ask them to continue to work remotely, then you should look at giving them access to mobile apps to help them carry out their work. This way, they can still access their platforms and documents while they’re on the go with their smartphones, rather than having to wait until they get back to a computer. This is also greatly beneficial for your other employees outside the HR department, as they should be able to access their employee portals via these apps as well. You can find out more about a payroll mobile application and other HR tools online at


As mentioned above, having regular meetings with your HR team and any other employees working remotely is key. While video-calls are a good option for this, for faster communication, think about getting your HR team using direct messaging apps as well. They can use this as a big group chat to quickly pass the information on to each other, or set up smaller groups or 1-to-1 chats if that is more suitable. It’s quicker than trying to schedule a video-call, and no one will have to worry about bad connections, making them able to continue to work while they communicate with one another.


Mobile working can be great, but if your staff is working away from the usual office environment, it’s also important to keep them motivated during the day, especially if they are working from home. Get your team to meet weekly targets and reward them for this to help keep their morale high and to encourage them to focus. 


Finally, while mobile applications for your HR team are great, and having them work from different locations can be positive, if they are relying on a Wi-Fi network that isn’t encrypted, this could put your confidential business information at risk. Make sure your team is monitoring their security by using VPNs, especially if they are going to be working from a café or in another public space that is unlikely to have a secure network.

There are many benefits to mobile working; just make sure your HR team is ready to make the change by introducing them to a few of the tips and applications listed above.