Making Money Online

How to Make Extra Money: 5 Easy Ways

Some people are already sitting fine financially, which is fine. For those that aren’t, looking for ways to bring in some more money frequently, doing something extra is very important. Earning double or half more of what your 9-5 job pays you can go a very long way in helping you achieve your goals.

Knowing how to make extra money will give you the freedom to pursue your passion, travel, and completely change your life as you wish. Making extra money can help with things like paying off your debt, being stuck with an unfulfilling job, living from paycheck to paycheck, etc. There are different ways to make extra money and whether you’re putting in an hour daily or over forty hours a week, the bottom line is that extra money is coming your way.

Check out some ways to make extra money without any training, education or spending money in order to start.

1. Online Surveys: This only requires your time and it may be the easiest for you. All that’s needed is for to sign up for a service offering surveys, and it just takes about fifteen minutes. Some services even reward you when you simply surf the web, watch videos, and play games. Some online survey websites give rewards such as gift cards as opposed to cash when done. Ensure to read each site carefully so as to choose the best one for you.

2. Apps Installation: One of the most passive ways to make extra money is by installing apps for companies on your phone. Apps such as Nielsen Digital Voice App, Smart Panel, and Media Insider Panel can be installed and left on your phone. These apps are left running at the background tracking your purchasing and spending manners, in the name of research. The companies pay you for installing and leaving these apps on your cell phone.

3. Take Care of Someone’s To-Do-List: Some people have odd jobs and you can make extra money by helping them take care of it. These jobs could be anything from moving, cleaning, running errands, hanging or mounting a TV, assembling furniture, to things like laundry. You can also deliver foods from restaurants to the customer’s door, go grocery shopping and whatever they need, as long as you are comfortable with it.

If you want to get hired for food delivery you must meet certain qualifications in order to be considered. These include: a proper license, high school diploma/GED, must be 21 years of age, able to work during weekends and holidays, and in most cases, experience as a food delivery driver. You should also possess a clean driving record and if necessary, a special license to operate certain vehicle.

4. Online Tutoring: People, especially students finding some subjects or courses difficult to understand, usually need extra tutorials from time to time. These subjects could be any like mathematics, statistics, English, Science, Biology, or any language if you’re multilingual. You can take some of these up and get paid doing it. Even music and its instruments can be tutored online. You can enter into the online tutoring space through services such as to get started.

5. Travel Consultant: Another way to make some extra money is becoming a travel agent.

As people travel every now and then, both locally and internationally, you can become a travel consultant recommending cheap flights to your friends, family members, and network. Go to social media and create a group, invite people to it, as this will help you get those who want to stick with the best and current ideas. Feel free to share your travel experiences and ideas to help others and also get paid from it.

There are loads of side hustle ideas that can help you make extra money. Be sure to find a profitable niche and something you are already have an interest in so you make money while having fun.