How To Navigate The Nuances Of Counteroffers

If you’re at a point where moving on from your current job seems like the best thing to do for your career, there are a number of factors influencing your decision. Whether it’s unhappiness, a lack of opportunity, or you simply are looking to start over, the best time make that shift in your resume is now!

When you do finally decide to meet with your boss and give them your notice, however, it’s oftentimes possible that you are faced with a counteroffer, instead of mere acceptance of your leaving the position you’ve worked in for so many years.

A counteroffer is certainly a point of tension for many young professionals, one that cloisters their ability to rethink and re-evaluate the trajectory of their careers. It begs the question as to whether or not it is worth staying, and suffering through old office problems in a new, higher-paying position. Indeed, when a company makes an effort to keep you on board, there’s comes a feeling of satisfaction that is inescapable – and annoying as any experienced recruited will tell you when you visit SalesForce Search to learn more. In any case, here are a few ways to navigate and deliberate whether or not you need to stay or go forth into the exciting world of work.

Be Practical And Remember Their Trust Has Been Breached

Even though they’re offering you more money in a different position, they will only be handing these amenities to you begrudgingly, as a desperate last resort.

Nothing Has Changed And The Same Problems Still Exist

Even though you’ve been promoted, it doesn’t amount to effective problem-solving on the part of your employer. As the old saying goes, if you love somebody, set them free. This is what your boss forgot when they handed you the keys to a corner office.

This kind of relationship isn’t just ineffective, it’s entirely toxic and should be avoided. Remember, people shouldn’t be buying your love and loyalty, not even an employer. Without communicating and effectively solving the issues you were having initially, things will remain the same and your anxieties will return.

You Might Be Shooting Yourself In The Foot

Some employers will even offer to fix the issue that you’ve brought to their attention. Whether or not they actively make changes is never guaranteed. Remember that your employer is always just an employer, and they never really have your best interests in mind. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They are merely looking out for the company.

When people refuse to let someone go, it’s usually because the timing is inconvenient for the corporation at large – e.g. you’ll be leaving a pile of work with no immediate replacement in order. With this in mind, be wary of the fact that you may be let go when it’s inconvenient for you, like after receiving your big “promotion.”

Indeed, counteroffers may seem nice, but they are usually just a ploy from a desperate overseer. Remember, what matters most is your comfort and the career that you set out to make for yourself.