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How to Protect Government Communications from Cyber Attack in 2019

Cyber security is an issue that should be of utmost concern to any company, organization, or private individual that conducts business online. But no entity needs to take greater precautions to guarantee the strictest possible standards of digital security than governments.

As the email scandal that plagued former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the course of her 2016 bid for the presidency showed, the public is deeply concerned about the digital tools their elected representatives use to communicate.

Many pundits have argued in the years since the election that the email issue was one of the main causes of her loss to Donald Trump, which underscores in a dramatic way the fact that public servants need to be exceedingly careful about how they communicate with their staff, supporters, and their campaign team.

At the same time, there is a growing awareness among those who follow cyber security news that many of the most popular communication tools can easily be hacked by individuals with even the most basic programming knowledge. So how are government agencies to guarantee maintenance of the highest security standards without making communication laborious or impractical?

The simplest and most effective way to protect government communications from cyber attack in 2019 is to embrace cutting-edge encryption solutions from providers like ChatMail Secure.

ChatMail Secure uses a proprietary encryption protocol to render Samsung devices completely impervious to any kind of surveillance. The ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP) uses two levels of encryption software (Elliptical Curve Cryptography and PGP encryption) to provide users with a device that is both absolutely secure and also extremely functional.

The CAMP protocol’s seamless interface overcomes a challenge that has long been an issue for encryption software. Instead of having to switch between apps to juggle different forms of encryption, ChatMail users can access all of their contacts through a single menu that differentiates between ChatMail and PGP users through colour coding (those interested can visit ChatMail Secure to learn more about how the CAMP protocol helps users manage their contacts efficiently).

One of the most innovative features of the CAMP protocol is its streamlined integration of tools like chat, voice messaging, and image messaging. Not only is it possible to send encrypted images and voice messages, the camera can be used quickly and simply, as users would on an unencrypted Samsung phone.

Perhaps the most significant ways ChatMail helps government agencies and politicians avoid embarrassing data breaches, however, is by ensuring that no data is stored outside of the device itself. Because ChatMail is a true end-to-end encryption solution, and because messages automatically delete after a set period of time on the ChatMail device, there is no way for sensitive information to be intercepted or decrypted

When asked why she set up a private email server, Clinton said she did so because she thought it would be more convenient. This did not turn out to be true for her in the long run, but thanks to ChatMail’s CAMP protocol, politicians and government workers in 2019 don’t need to worry about trading security for ease of use. With ChatMail Secure, they can get both.