How to Stay Motivated as a Freelancer

Doing freelance work comes with many benefits, including schedule flexibility, choosing what projects you work on, and being your own boss.

With the sole authority of the job in your hands, it’s increasingly common for freelancers to lose hope in the career — especially if you aren’t passionate about it. Like any other job, motivation is vital in freelance work.

Because freelancers don’t go to an office every day and make their own schedule, it can be easy to procrastinate and have trouble managing time. This often leads to burnout, which affects overall performance and motivation levels.

Fortunately, being motivated can be learned. So, if you’re struggling to restore or maintain work mode, here are some ways to stay motivated as a freelancer and avoid the slump. 

Create a Routine

Freelancing usually comes with plenty of work autonomy, freedom, and flexibility. But since you have the freedom to work from home and choose your working hours does not mean that you cannot have a routine. Creating one can help you optimize your time and resources to become an outstanding freelancer.

So, try to avoid sitting at home all day in your PJs and make a schedule for every task. Go to a coffee shop and have a mini commute as if you are going to a workspace. 

Set regular start and stop times for you during the workday, including when you will take lunch and breaks. This will help you focus on essential tasks and get work done. Creating a routine will help you organize work, clear your mind, and stay motivated.

Set Goals for Yourself

Being a freelancer isn’t always as easy as it seems. It often involves keeping track of numerous moving targets and managing several moving parts.

With so many things to handle, it’s increasingly common for freelancers to lose sight of their bigger picture. But setting goals can easily set you up for freelance success.

The willingness to work towards achieving them will help keep you motivated throughout your freelancing career. So, have things that inspire you to sit down and do the work. 

This can be your financial goals for the month or a particular vision you have for your future. Goals should inspire you to be productive, and they should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound) and challenging.

Find Jobs that Excite You

Passion is a vital workplace trait that affects output and commitment. A slight lack of it commonly means you’re missing an essential element for sustained long-term success.

One perk to doing freelance work is choosing what you do and do not work on. Be sure to choose work that gets you excited. Even if it’s not every job, try to have one or two projects in the work that you look forward to doing. 

Put the exciting stuff toward the end of your day, so you have to work through the not-so-fun stuff to get to the fun stuff. Working on things you like helps to keep you motivated, ensures you produce higher quality deliverables and makes you feel more fulfilled.

Take Breaks

Go for a walk or take a break to meet a friend for lunch. You can also adjust your schedule to take a mid-day yoga class or run errands during the day when it’s not so busy at the store.

Try to socialize as well. Having people to talk to during the day helps to energize and motivate. Taking breaks often provides a unique opportunity for a mental reset, after which work can resume with plenty of energy and motivation.

Get Organized

Being organized is a critical freelance tip that allows you to juggle multiple projects and grow your business without losing motivation.

So, create a schedule based on priorities for the day and how you work. Also, have a way of tracking project progress and keep all updates in one place. 

There are apps and platforms available that can help you monitor all moving parts of your workload in one place to stay on top of deadlines. Be sure to pick one that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Enjoy Freelancing

Being a freelancer often means managing several moving parts, which sometimes includes things that aren’t directly related to your service provision. With the freedom to choose what to work on and when to do it, it’s increasingly common for freelancers to procrastinate, get burnout, and lose motivation. But the good news is that you can learn how to stay motivated. For those struggling to find balance, the above-discussed tips will help you stay motivated throughout your freelancing career.