How To Transition Your Business To Remote Selling

The emergence of Covid-19 has made it more essential than ever for businesses to be involved in online selling. There’s economic loss due to Covid-19, and many companies are selling their new and unused headquarters. Now, one way for corporations to survive is by transitioning to remote selling.

Making a transition to remote selling will help you reduce business expenses and make extra sales and profit. However, it’s tough for people to transition if they’ve never made remote sales before. In this article, you’ll get the essential information to help you get started.

Ways To Transition To Remote Selling

Thanks to advanced pieces of software, it’s not difficult to make a transition to remote selling. With that said, you need to have a great compensation plan to motivate your salespeople. If you can crush it with distant selling, your organization will see a sharp rise in revenue.

Here are ways to make a transition to remote sale:

  1. Get The Essential Remote Selling Tools

Before anything else, you need to get essential remote selling tools. Some of the crucial tools you need are: 

  • Video conferencing software for an in-person sales meeting and business meetings, like Zoom and WebEx. 
  • Customer Relationship Management software to keep a record of leads and customers, like SalesForce, HubSpot, Sugar CRM, etc.
  • An instant messaging app to connect with your team, like Microsoft Team, Slack, etc.
  • Cloud storage software, like Dropbox.

Learn about these pieces of applications and choose the best ones that suit your needs.

  1. Focus On Interactive Presentation

It’s acceptable to get in touch with your potential clients via Zoom or other video conferencing software. However, it’s not always comfortable for many people to get in a salesperson’s video call. Instead of funneling everyone to video conference, you can focus on interactive PowerPoint presentations.

Also, you can funnel people into a pre-recorded webinar or a live one where they won’t be actively engaging with you or your sales team.

  1. Understand Value Selling

Remote selling is all about value. If you want to interact with your potential customers via email or phone, you need to win their trust. One way of winning their trust is to provide them with high-value content.

Winning their trust also entails that you’re able to solve your potential customer’s problems quickly. To do this, you can publish blogs or give away e-books or guides for free. Then, they’ll give away their email address and contact information for you to approach them.

  1. Emphasize On Remote Learning

To be productive, your sales team needs to be updated with recent trends and information. Due to the presence of modern learning management systems, you can quickly pass essential knowledge to your sales team. 

The learning management systems also allow you to track competition, figure out people who need additional training, add new learning materials, and more.

  1. Be As Personable As Possible

Engaging with people online is not as personal as an in-face meeting. However, you can personalize your marketing campaign by collecting your potential users’ information. You can get their data and record it in your CRM. Once you’ve found their interest and needs, you can create customer personas.

Then, you can offer them content and information they’re interested in consuming, instead of a general content marketing. Use your subscriber’s first name on your email marketing campaign to make them feel you know them. Also, share random day-to-day events and your working background, which will make them think they’re dealing with a human being.

  1. Organize Weekly Sales Pipeline Review And Meeting

Always be in touch with your sales team and discuss your progress with each other. Take this opportunity to get tips from other team members and review the current performance. This will help you plan the next steps and take action accordingly.

Perform sales revenue forecasting, make plans, and make sure your sales pipeline is updated.

  1. Be Omnipresent

Finally, you would want to be omnipresent with your potential customers and current buyers. This will help you build a convincing brand image in their minds. 

Use all marketing channels from social media platforms for email marketing. Also, make use of retargeting marketing campaign to get in front of them.

Final Thoughts

Making a transition to remote selling can be challenging if you’ve no resources. Thankfully, an article like this one can help you get started. 

The first challenge you’re going to face is dealing with technical settings. It’s difficult for salespeople who have never done online selling to deal with various technologies. But you’ll get used to it after some time.

Making online sales is all about creating value. If you keep on positively connecting with your potential customers, you’ll get not only customers but also promoters. Keep on learning and holding meetings with your sales team to grow to new heights.