Important Factors to Consider When Buying Pallet Racking

If you have decided to install a pallet racking system for your company or warehouse, you are one step closer to better inventory management and sustainable business. With the US economy on a steady upturn, new businesses are growing every year across all states. 

The rise in eCommerce has contributed much to the growth of the logistics and warehousing industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics specifies that there are more than 1600 new warehouses in the country to cater to online consumers and retailers’ needs. 

If you are a part of the retail world, you would know the importance of on-time and correct delivery and its impact on the company’s success. One major part of warehouse management is pallet rack systems. Selecting the right pallet racks is a crucial decision you should make to ensure the business’s undeterred operation.

If you are looking to find the best pallet racking systems and sellers, consider these factors before choosing a system:

Racking System’s Purpose

Before you start with the selection, just like any other project, brief your pallet shelving systems provider about your needs. Talk to them specifically about what your requirement is and what the pallet shelves are expected to do.

Its purpose depends on what type of inventory you work with and the type of goods stored in it. Pallets systems offer additional functions like double-deep or adjustable racking too. If you discuss your needs with the provider, you can customize such extra functions.

Type of Storage

Examine the roster of products that your company works with. Sort them out based on weight, density, shelf life, and frequency of delivery. This data will help you determine what type of rack or shelving you will need. If you store bulk items, then drive- tracking systems are perfect for the cause. 

Selective pallet racking is suitable for the storage of different products in small quantities. You can choose the right racking system based on selectivity and density.

Floor Space and Height

Pallet shelving solutions will make use of the vertical dimensions of your warehouse and maximize the floor space. High bay racking can increase your warehouse’s vertical storage capacity at cost-effective rates as it can reach heights up to 40 metres. It potentially doubles the capacity offered by other types of racking solutions.


What will you be storing in the pallet racking, and how often will your staff access it? Think about these questions before you choose the racking system. Make sure that the pallet shelving has enough space to store slow-moving stock at the back.

It should be convenient to store high-moving stocks in the front, in accessible positions. Plan where all the stocks will go based on how often you need to access them. It entirely depends on the type of stock and the type of racking system you work with.

Layout of the Warehouse

It is another main factor that decides the type of racking system to deploy. The shape, size, height of the warehouse, and positioning of the doors and windows determine whether pallet racking is the correct choice for you. 

Other than this, it would be best if you also worked with a pallet shelving solution provider to carry out an in-depth analysis of the warehouse’s capabilities. This crucial step has a high impact on improving the warehouse’s functionality & layout and ensures a smooth flow of processes.


The process does not end with the installation. Once installed, you should have the means to maintain the storage. Make sure that the pallet racking system provider you do business with is readily available for maintenance and repairs.

Warehouse management is a significant part of the business, and it can impact the success of daily operations. It all depends on you making a wise choice in choosing the right suppliers and experts for your pallet racking requirements.