Increasing brand awareness through content

Ever wondered what is the most important aspect when it comes to running a business? Well….it is generating brand awareness amongst the masses. To be specific, it is how you incorporate media and wordplay together in the promotion of your business. The marketing of your brand is directly proportional to the number of customers or clients you acquire over a period of time. Hence, it is essential to invest both mind and money wisely in this direction.

Speaking of this, content marketing works well if you are a startup or a small business that cannot or let’s say doesn’t have an extensive budget or have limited resources. In fact, around 89 percent of companies are now inculcating content marketing as a way to create awareness about their brands. And, why not? Content marketing costs 62 percent less in comparison to the traditional marketing. The outcome it gives is quite phenomenal. Isn’t it quite a good bargain, netizens?

Before you jump on it, allow us to inform you that success through content market does not come overnight. It is a process which requires time, patience and some serious dedication. To top it all, the major factor it requires is sound, strategic planning. This content marketing checklist shares a number of detailed steps involved to maximize your effectiveness.

So, how does content marketing exactly impact brand awareness?

This is one million dollar question! To begin with, content marketing really helps you in clearly putting that thought process which goes behind building your brand and product at the display.

By brand awareness, we do not mean that the customers out there know the name of your brand. It is about them knowing what your brand, company and product truly represent. In addition, it tells exactly about what set of qualities sets your business apart from the rest out there.

Put forward every minute detail which can possibly address your brand through it. For instance, talk through any rare ingredient you use in the making of your product or dedicate a full page to your company culture; describe what is so unique about it that even reflects in your brand and of course, the product.

How can content marketing be employed to create or increase brand awareness?

Well, it is definitely challenging but not impossible. As we mentioned earlier that a good strategic planning can take you a long way. You only need to have the right and sharp eye to formulate one. To help you get on with it, we have compiled a little guideline to smoothen and hasten up the whole process for you.

Let’s call these, “some nuggets to remember” before you fully put your content marketing strategy in action because it is important that you incorporate the following factors while designing the strategy.

Pick a niche and audience

For your brand to soar, you need to be clear about the niche and audience you have been targeting it to. It is humanly impossible to serve each and every one out there in the market. It is the foundation block of your strategy. Therefore, it is important that you focus on a certain niche audience in order for them to feel the connection. It is essential that your audience feels wanted and heard.

How to narrow down an audience?

Let’s try to deduce and explore this through an example and suppose you are a business that specializes in handmade bridal tiaras. In such a scenario, your primary audience could be affianced women. Other than this, let’s say you run a business which has a collection of cufflinks as a hot seller. In this case, you audience would primarily be office going men.

So, this is how you will tailor or customize your content to appeal to your target audiences as if you are having a face-to-face conversation with them.

Buyer personas

This is a very smart way to know your target audience because it pretty much covers everything. Basically, a buy persona entails common demographic factors such as age, gender, socioeconomic status and geographical position. It also encompasses factors such as passion, favorites and hobbies which give a better understanding in terms of knowing the audience.

Tap into the buyers’ journey

Through what channel do the audience conduct their online shopping affairs is a question that needs serious consideration here. Is it a laptop they use or is their mobile phone they prefer? If it is mobile which wins here then you got to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Spice it up

Monotony kills the mood! You cannot really use one type of content continuously. It is important to realize that we live in the age of information and the audience is way smarter now. There is this constant need of regularly updating your content to suit the needs of your target audience. Moreover, the factory approach of one fits all will never work.


They are gradually becoming the most popular content marketing tool. And for all the right reasons! In this fast-paced world, everyone is looking for a quick fix. Webinars in this regard accurately serves the purpose as who doesn’t love watching and listening to the information as compared to reading. It is fun and keeps one hooked till the end.

You may also seek inspiration from your competitors. It is a cut-throat competition everywhere and a little upgrade here and there is equally important. Incorporate whatever makes the cut and make things exciting, be it, memes, info-graphics, videos or podcasts. Additionally, you need to be consistent with your content.

Schedule things up

Everyone requires a map to reach their destination. It is what keeps us on track and be our guide. Similarly, scheduling up our marketing content makes thing easier. They also tell about where you are and where you are next headed too.

Making a schedule means you are going to be punctual and consistent. In the world of marketing, these two are the most important qualities to adopt. The frequency of how often you post your content in addition to its tone and quality matters and you got to schedule them! Of course, content scheduling is always difficult to keep organized. Many businesses find value in using a marketing calendar to help them stay organized.

Scatter over multiple channels

If you really want to see yourself ahead of the competitors, you got to think ahead of them. Start by promoting your brand on multiple channels. Work around the time most traffic is and post on. It is essential that you keep your brand active on the following social media channels to survive and thrive.






Most importantly, this is what keeps your brand relevant as the audience are then able to resonate with it on a greater level. Speaking of resonance, make sure to learn the interests of your audience and craft the content accordingly. Nowadays, even circulating relevant campaigns through email is getting increasingly popular.

To sum it up, the key is to begin posting on each social media platform mentioned above. You can evaluate, compare and then finally sort which one is working the best for your brand. However, at the initial stage, you got to be everywhere.

Analyze using the right tools

There is absolutely no use of creating content if you do not take it under evaluation and critical analysis. It is imperative with content marketing that you analyze its impact it is casting on consumer behavior. If you will never make efforts to weigh down which strategy is working and which is not, you shall never know about the changes your content needs. This is will only reflect in the way and how often the people talks about your brand.

What is the suitable tool to carry out the analysis?

Google Analytics is the tool you need. It is the greatest platform available to dissect your content as to how it is doing online.

What does it do?

This particular tool allows you to see which content is garnering the most traffic and through which channel. It makes it easier for you to eliminate irrelevant content as well as the channel on immediate basis. Furthermore, it even highlights what a user is clicking the most on your site.

However, there is no such thing that can work entirely on its own. For more insight, pair Google Analytics with Google’s Keyword Planner to know about keywords to have them onboard in paid campaigns and SEO. Additionally, using it in combination with Google Adwords is another smart way to learn about consumer behavioral pattern.

Be unique

It takes one of a kind content to capture the heart and mind of the audiences. Yes, they are as complicated as your love interest! Now, how can you be so? Let’s see three ways that can contribute uniquely to your brand awareness goal.

Case studies

This has emerged as one of the most authentic ways to market and increase your brand awareness. Talking about a client and their situation before they joined hands with your brand is a credible approach. This will project the brand in a positive light and the audiences will be able to relate on a personal level.

Walk them through the entire case in an engaging yet succinct manner so that it doesn’t bore them out.

Team up with influencers/bloggers

The content creators we all call influencers and bloggers have taken over the social media. With the kind of popularity and reach they have, it is only wise to consider teaming up with them and have them promote your brand. This kind of word-of-mouth activity really helps a brand soar. After all, there is nothing like star power!

Make sure before you move on with the influencer who has an organic reach. Moreover, the influencer’s niche and audience should coincide with your own. Otherwise, it is just not worth the effort.

Digital flipbooks

Lastly, flipbooks is the new cool in the market world. They have come off as a shrewd replacement to brochures, catalogs, or reports. It is just that a digital flipbook comes without printing costs but feels same to a printed one.

To create one heck of a digital flipbook, ensure that it has the 3s in them; short, sweet and simple. And most importantly it should feel like a breeze when you browse and navigate through a mobile phone.

The biggest turn off is when something takes an eternity to load on mobile. Hence, make sure it isn’t the case with your digital flipbook. This site here can help you in having one!

In a nutshell, in today’s globalised age, the smarter a brand is the more it is likely to succeed. Be open to change and adaptable enough to adjust your strategy as well as embrace the emerging techniques and tactics in the marketing world. And keep the enemies (read competitors) closer!