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Instagram Vs. Youtube: Which Platform Is Best For Your Influencer Marketing Campaign?

The influencer marketing industry on Instagram is currently a billion dollar industry. According to Instagram, the number of active monthly users is above 800 million. On the other hand, YouTube’s viewers in 2017 were seen to be over 1.47 billion. With such statistics, choosing either or the other to do your marketing on is a tough choice. However, this article will equip you with crucial information on both platforms. Apart from that, you always have the option to take help from some pioneer of this field.  with that, it will be easier for you to choose the one that is best for you.

What to consider while choosing a platform

When selecting a platform, you need to consider the “Rs” of influence. They are

1. Resonance

This is the potential engagement that an influencer can bring out of a clientele. This clientele needs to be both valuable and relevant when it comes to your brand.

2. Relevance

It refers to the number of your target audience that is on that particular platform.

3. Reach

Here, it is the number of potential customers that you can be able to reach through the influencer content you have put up on that platform.

Why choose YouTube

It has over 1.5 billion active users every month, earning it the spot of the webpage which enjoys the second most visits in the whole world. Videos on this platform are essential resources for many consumers. This includes those of you who are interested in fashion, food, beauty, fitness and many more. These areas of specialization continually becoming popular day after day. Currently, video marketing makes up nearly 75% of internet traffic. YouTube provides your brand with a great platform to provide content which is; of high quality, evergreen, long-life, and search friendly. This thus means that when you pay an influencer agency to market your product using video, your brand can enjoy immense benefits. Daily, people watch over 500 million hours of videos on YouTube. This equates to a lot of exposure for your brand. Although producing content for this platform is more costly than doing it on, say Instagram stories, it is totally worth it.

Perks of using YouTube

It is useful for enhancing sales, especially when the influencers share their product reviews with the links to purchase.

You can effectively engage your audience, and the results are easy to measure.

Why Choose Instagram

Sponsored videos on Instagram are great! You not only get to create content which can be consumed quickly, but you do so at a lower cost than on YouTube. The stories and live videos features on Instagram make it possible for consumers who lack much time to watch the content still. Influencer marketing is a billion dollar industry on this platform.

Similarly, users are above 800 million. This translates to a win for both your brand and the influencer. You can garner more customers and leads if you produce content that is visually attractive and relevant. This will also help boost the followers who are seeing your brand and their engagement with the influencer.

Perks of using Instagram

  • It is an excellent tool for branding and more visibility to your audience.
  • If your influencer allows it, you can re-post the images even after the campaign is over

You now know what platforms have in store for you. Therefore, you can be able to make an informed choice on what platform will suit your brand best.