Is a Permanent Work from Home Setup a Good Thing?

At first, many people thought that working from home was not a good idea, and that it was unsustainable. After a while, many companies managed to adjust. Since the pandemic has gone on for a year, this setup is somewhat permanent. If the pandemic doesn’t get contained this year, will working from home permanently be a good idea? 

It eliminates the cost for employees 

One of the reasons why it’s a good thing to continue working from home is that employees can reduce their expenses. In some places, the cost of living is too high. Therefore, even if employees are earning a lot, they can barely keep up. With this new setup, it doesn’t matter where they live. If they decide to go back to their hometowns, it’s okay. They can continue working.  In this regard, this setup works. 

It supports personal and professional development 

It’s easier to make this setup permanent because it creates a more flexible schedule. Employees don’t have time to improve themselves because they have to show up to work early and go home late. If they work from home, they can better manage their time. As long as they can submit requirements on time, it won’t be a problem. If they wish to pursue their studies, they can do it. They can also enrol in other courses to learn a new skill. Those who wish to take a break from work for a day have a problem doing it. It’s up to the employees how to manage their time. 

In-person interactions could be missing

The downside of a permanent work from the home setup is the lack of in-person interactions. Collaborations become more difficult. Employees who need someone to share their feelings with can’t do it. Not everyone wants to make friends at work, but there are benefits in having one. Working from home takes it away.

It reduces operational costs

Perhaps, the best reason for pursuing a work from home setup is that businesses can save money. The operational cost gets reduced. There’s no need to rent an office space. There are no utility bills to pay. Even travel expenses are unnecessary. 

Some expenses will remain essential. Office supplies, for instance, will still be needed, wherever your employees are working. These days, however, it is easier than ever before to find quality stationery online, and have it sent to remote working locations. Be selective in deciding which areas to cut back in. The amount can go to savings or as a salary bump for employees who deserve it. As long as transactions can continue, it’s okay not to have a physical office.

We are yet to see if this setup will be permanent. Even with the vaccine starting to roll out, there’s no guarantee that the pandemic will soon be over. Therefore, it makes sense to consider these changes. If the company can keep operating under these circumstances, the policy should be permanent. It’s also important to ask employees about their opinion. They might have a different idea. Their voices matter. Some of them are comfortable with this setup while others aren’t. They might also have advice on streamlining different processes so employees won’t have a hard time keeping things going.