Is a Serviced Office the Ideal Solution for Your Business? Here’s How You Can Decide

All businesses try to find ways to save money and resources, and they can do this by being more careful with their investments and the decisions they make. But if you are starting and are keen on expanding yet are not quite sure about renting office space for your enterprise, there just might be one ideal solution: a serviced office. Serviced offices are popular for very good reasons, and they’re not just for startup enterprises, either. They can also be ideal for businesses looking for workshops, businesses wanting to break out into other cities and towns, and so on. So is a serviced office the ideal solution for your business? Here’s what you should know – and how you can decide.

Who would benefit from a serviced office?

  • Startup enterprises and entrepreneurs 

Serviced offices, as mentioned, are often used and utilised by small businesses or startup business enterprises that need office space but are hesitant about renting office space in the traditional manner. Since serviced offices are already equipped with communications amenities and facilities like broadband connections and telephone connections, all you really have to do is set up your equipment and start working once you move in. Serviced offices are great because they can offer you the flexibility you need – you aren’t tied down to a long-term lease agreement or contract, and you can move out or expand as you see fit – without worrying about your lease.

  • Expanding businesses 

If you have had your business for a while and are thinking of expanding and reaching out to a new target market, then a serviced office may be perfect for you as well.  If you are in one particular location, for example, and you are eyeing another location – such as Manchester – then you just have to look for a serviced office in Manchester (such as the excellent serviced offices offered by Cariocca Enterprises) and move in without any hassle. It’s a short-term rental, after all, and it allows you to benefit from additional administrative support such as business and reception services, meeting and breakout rooms, and security – without having to invest your own hard-earned funds. 

  • Large businesses that are growing 

Serviced offices have also proven ideal for large business entities or corporations who are experiencing particular growth. If you have been leasing conventional office space but are expanding because you have more staff and employees, then you can simply rent a serviced office for a short time and have it serve as space for the interim while you look for another place for your business. 

  • Teams working on a project basis 

Teams and workers who require a fully-equipped office space where they can work can also benefit greatly from serviced offices, particularly if they need to be in a set location for a duration of time while they finish their project or fulfil their contract.

What you can get with a serviced office

Serviced offices will often come with more than a few facilities and features. You will have a private working area which also comes with access to kitchen areas as well as public reception areas. Of course, it will come with electricity and telecommunications facilities, along with meeting rooms you can rent, security services, maintenance and cleaning services, and other reception services.