Know Why Having a Front End Developer on Your Team is a Must

Websites, aside from our social media pages, are the first things that our target customers or clients interact with. The thing about these websites, however, is that they have to be impressive enough to get people to respond to our call to action, whether it is about making a purchase, signing up for our newsletter, etc. Thus, there is importance of having quality user experience and interface. It’s kind of like a magnet that’ll help you attract all the clients and customers you need to help you hit your company or organization’s goals. 

Normally, the first thing people would do is to hire a website designer, which makes perfect sense. However, if you want to build excellent websites, you’ll need to offer slots for front end jobs on your team. The reason behind this being, people with front end remote jobs can execute the designs that your web designer will come up with perfectly.

What is Front End Development

We understand that the concept can be a bit overwhelming, so allow us to break things down into nugget-sized pieces that are far easier to digest. Front end development lies somewhere between the graphics and the engineering of a website. It requires spending lots of hours in front of the keyboard, tapping away JavaScript, CSS, and HTML codes to implement the design and make up a user interface. Suffice to say, people with front end remote jobs use codes to transform the website’s blueprint into reality. 

The Value that Front End Developers Bring to the Table

Now that we’ve defined what front end development is, why do you need to have a front end vacancy on your team? We listed some of our reasons below: 

  • Efficient Having them on board will boost your team’s efficiency. When you have tight schedules and demanding clients breathing down your neck, you’d want to make sure that you deliver outputs before you receive a follow-up email. People with front end remote jobs can help you do just that since they instantly know how to translate web design into code. They’re also in charge of testing, debugging, and controlling the design which saves everyone a lot of time and spares users from encountering glitches every now and then. 
  • Product Optimization Front end jobs revolve around making websites user-friendly. This means, front end developers are also responsible for optimizing a website. They’re responsible for making sure that these websites are compatible or meet the standards of each browser. It’s also up to them to make websites responsive so users won’t have a difficult time browsing them on their laptop or mobile device. 
  • Technical Expertise Some of the front end developers spend years in the university to master their craft. The wisdom they get from their teachers and peers allow them to spot issues and problems just by looking at the design. They can also identify what’s doable or not before proceeding with the implementation. While there are a lot of other people who studies front end development online and follow online courses. In a few months of studying and coding they get prepared to hire on a junior position. 
  • Another great thing about having a front end developer on the team is that they know how to further improve web designs and make sure they address needs that the target audience has. 

More than the visual presentation, making sure that things go well is another thing that front end developers are responsible for. While the ultimate goal is design implementation, they carry the responsibility of letting the team in on loopholes that would cause them harm in the future. They’re also in charge of making sure that the design gives their clients and customers the best user experience possible. 

Now, a front end developer’s job doesn’t end once the website is launched. They also have to conduct regular tests and maintenance to make sure that things are running smoothly. They are also required to update or add tools that would boost the interaction between browsers and their website.

Hiring a front end developer can be quite pricey, but we can guarantee you that you will greatly benefit from having these folks on your team. You can rest easy knowing that user experience will always be high on the priority list. They will work closely with your web designer to come up with a website that’s in line with your company’s objectives and is consistent with your brand. You also won’t have to worry about being outdated because you have someone on your team who’ll see to eat that your website, products, and services, remain updated and competitive.