Managing Mass Communications in the Workplace

As the head of a business, you will have important updates you want to share with all of your employees. Most announcements don’t require a personal meeting—that would be impractical. You would probably prefer to find a way to reach out to all of your employees at once.

Here’s how to streamline mass communication with your business, whether it’s for company-wide announcements, office emergency alerts, or even just casual notices.

  1. E-mail

E-mail is one of the best ways to reach your employees. Most employees have a work email they utilize constantly. You can put very simple or very detailed information in an email. You can also make it look as professional or playful as you want, helping establish tone.

Finally, people have the opportunity to email you back if they have any questions. You can also organize your emails in different groups to help reach the right people. It’s important to customize emails. If you send every email to everyone, people might not pay attention to them. This method is not ideal for businesses that do not constantly look at their emails.

  1. PA System

Sometimes you need to make an announcement right away. PA systems are ideal in this case since they give you the chance to get everyone’s attention at one time. Many people use this option in the case of an emergency or other facility-related announcements.

  1. Announcement Wall

Some employees will respond best to posters that they see. You can set up announcement walls by the entrances to the office. This can be a place for you and other colleagues to post any announcement they might have. This works as a reminder of new rules and upcoming events. It can also be a place for employees to make their own announcements, too.

Employees can announce if they are selling Girl Scout cookies or hosting a charity event. Be sure to establish clear rules on what can go on the board and what cannot go on the board. You may even want to consider mandatory permission before anyone is allowed to post something.

  1. Mass Text Messages

All of the previous mass communication options only work if people are already in the office. What do you do when you want to reach out to people while they are outside of the office? For example, how do you let someone know if the office is closed after a blizzard? And for how long? One great option is to give employees the chance to sign up for text messages with the company. These texts can reach someone while outside of the office, making it valuable for closings.

  1. Meetings

Have things you want to tell to everyone? Do you think it’s important enough to put a personal touch on it? Then gather your employees together and tell them your announcements face to face. It’s a great option when you want your employees to understand how important the information is.

You won’t get everyone together simply to tell them about a small parking lot change. That’s something you can probably cover in an email or at the end of your meeting about something more important. Be sure to give the meeting in shifts so you don’t take everyone away from the job all at once.

A good boss is able to communicate with their employees effectively. They should also know how to communicate with them efficiently, leaving as much time as possible for other work-related activities. Using these methods will help you get your information across without wasting any time as long as you pick the best option for the information you need to send out.