Maximise the Internet In Your Job Search Efforts


In the modern world, there’s not really any need to buy a newspaper to search the classifieds for job vacancies. While that option is still available, it’s hardly essential anymore. These days, you often won’t even have to print out a hard copy of a resume, as these can simply be emailed to the employer as an electronic document.

Things have come a long way with technology and since the inception of the internet, the way people now search for jobs has certainly changed.

With the internet being such a powerful tool that just about everyone can access, let’s look at some ways to maximise the internet in your job search efforts.

Take Full Advantage of Online Job Boards

Just about every available job opportunity is listed online these days, on one of numerous job websites in Australia. This is advantageous on a number of levels. To begin with, accessing these job boards is free in most instances. Two, you don’t have to even leave your home to look for current vacancies and thirdly, these websites operate and are updated 24/7, so you can search for a job in the middle of the night if you so choose.

Job search websites have advanced search functionality, so you can refine your searches by specifying your location, preferred industry, part time or full time work and more. It really does make searching for a job so much easier than it used to be. Simply make your morning coffee, open your laptop and start scrolling through the ads.

Some popular Australian job search websites include:

  • Indeed
  • Seek
  • MaxConnect Jobs
  • Gumtree
  • CareerOne
  • JobSearch
  • FlexCareers
  • And more…

Set Up Notifications for New Positions Vacant

Many of the above job search websites offer you the capacity to set up notifications when you create an account. These notifications can be extremely handy and save you time.

Just set up the parameters for your notifications regarding the type of work you’re looking for and where, and as soon as a new listing that fits your criteria is added to the site, you’ll receive a notification via either email or directly to the home screen of your smartphone.

Notifications of this nature are a very powerful feature of job websites and something you should definitely take advantage of. It saves you from having to continually scroll through all of the listings every day. 

Spread the Message To Your Social Networks

The power of your social networks should never be disregarded or underestimated when it comes to your job search efforts either. If you’re like most people, you will have built up networks of contacts on at least one major social networking site, if not several of them.

As an example, just about everybody uses Facebook these days. If you have a network of 500 to 1000 online friends on Facebook, that’s a lot of direct contacts and each of these people will also have their own network of contacts, many of which will be different to your list.

If you were to post on Facebook about your job hunt and asked people to share your post or let you know if they have heard of any job openings, imagine just how quickly and how far your message could spread. Someone is bound to know of someone who can help you out or at least offer some advice or a recommendation.

LinkedIn is a social/careers-oriented website that you should consider joining (if you haven’t already). Many businesses, companies and individuals in the business world have an active presence on LinkedIn. Create an account with LinkedIn and fill up your profile with personal information as well as listing your qualifications, skills, experience, goals and dreams. You can add it all to your profile and then start connecting with people in your industry or areas of interest. Employers will often search through profiles on the site, looking for ideal candidates to fill positions they have available.

Take full advantage of social media in your hunt for the right job for you. 

In Conclusion

Today, it’s easier than ever before to actively search for a job. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to do so. Use the internet daily in your job hunt and you’ll have the job you want sooner rather than later.