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Merchant Account Solutions New Clover 2.0 POS with innovative design, ease of use, and integrated performance

In many businesses like retail, hospitality, restaurants, health, use of POS system has become one of the common assets. Among them, Merchant Account Solutions is the website that provides the best payment system with the most effective features that reduce the burden in the payment transactions by their specially designed and developed POS systems.

Merchant Account Solutions recently added a new equipment to its cart namely Clover Station 2.0 POS System. It is the new evolution from Clover POS systems. It looks similar to the Clover Station and has almost similar features with a standard ease-of-use, innovative design, and integrated performance.  Those users who had a better experience with Clover POS system are happy to hear about the new featured Clover POS 2.0 system. When compared to earlier options in the Clover POS system and other Clover products, Clover 2.0 POS system is known to be more convenient and simple.

The general features of new Clover 2.0 POS are:

  1. Previously, Clover hardware is unable to accept EMV or Chip cards, but the new Clover 2.0 accepts each and every chip card without a need of buying additional hardware. Because there are many banks and credit card accepting companies that roll out these days with these type of requirements. The payment sources are also changed and are simplified. Most of the retailers could find this as the best solution for a variety of payment types and enhance customers a secured and peaceful payment transaction.
  2. However, with the responses from the users of Clover Station, it is clearly known that the general Clover POS system is not comfortable for the restaurant type of businesses rather than others. So the new Clover 2.0 POS system is made effective and renewed with the additional features of Clover Station and dynamic new options that meet the need of any business type. The full-service applications for orders and tables were displayed in an easier way to manage the orders and simultaneously all the payments can be streamlined.

The best and advanced features of Clover 2.0 POS are:

merchant solutions

  1. It has a large screen that displays every item that has to be selected clearly at the counter. The customer can also cross-check while enhancing a better visual interface.
  2. Every retailer and manager look back for a sales management terminal that provides faster processing. Especially for them, Clover 2.0 POS system is most useful in making their transactions and management work faster.
  3. A customer-facing printer display is available in the equipment so as to have a better and quick visual experience.
  4. Signature process is updated with a fingerprint scanning in the new Clover 2.0 POS system. This is made so as to update it digitally and technically.
  5. It also provides sophisticated inventory management that avoids hiring and employing a separate team for each task.
  6. It provides timesheet management tools that are responsible for making intuitive payment transactions in any type of business.

Benefits of using Clover POS system are mentioned below:

  1. Dependable Processing

Clover system work with the assistance of the WiFi or Ethernet. If else the handling software is in the disconnected mode, which it can in any case run regardless of whether the web is down, guaranteeing that organizations can keep on serving clients and make deals.

  1. Business Management help

Clover Merchant Services can help in improving the business management and eventually monitor the inventory. This allows customers preferably select the items according to their wish. It saves time and money that are likely to be preserved for the most required works in life.

  1. Added Capabilities

There are particular highlights that come with Clover POS system, for example, those mentioned above. There are more usecases and area accessible through applications composed only for Clover POS. Some are worthwhile for a wide range of organizations, while others are more industry-particular. For instance, there is an application that assists with representative planning, which could be helpful for some sorts of associations, and another that aids reservation management, which would be particularly gainful for restaurants.

Merchants Account Solutions Functionalities

Merchant Account Solutions not only provide POS systems for the merchants but also provide software, Credit Card Terminal that are required for the retail and eCommerce businesses with a guaranteed lowest rates.

This platform is responsible for providing knowledgeable account representatives that deliver personal services. Capable customer-service is given with a price protection so as to make customer remain for a longer duration.

There are no contracts allowed instead revolutionary programs are encouraged to give a proper solution. It doesn’t charge any installation or set up fee. Personalized settings can be made by the business owners according to the usage. The most advanced and technical based payment systems are available with a free equipment. Payments are made quickly with a warranty of next day deposits and wholesale rates. Easy and fast Quickbooks integration is given for invoices.


Merchant solutions offer Clover POS 2.0 version demo for free based on the 2 categories of users who are currently having a business and are planning to shift their payment solutions to the next level for faster and accurate billing and payment management.

Also, for those businesses who are looking for the best solution for their payment transactions can definitely afford in buying the Clever POS 2.0 version with a set of advanced features in it.

Apart from the above Clover POS solutions, merchant solutions provide software for property management,  Health, and Fitness, Marina, Quickbooks, and invoicing. Generally, it provides payment machines for a different type of transactions with different cards that are commonly used by the merchants of many businesses.


If there is a business with a huge burden in payment management, Merchant Account Solutions will concur the best solutions with their updated processing Systems. All their software and POS are available at affordable prices where free installation is provided. Clover Mini and Clover Station are demanding in present days, while Clover 2.0 POS is a new edition that might get a huge response from the users in a short period because of its extremely high-performing features and methods.