Mobile Technology


Mobile applications have been gaining momentum in ten years, and today we cannot imagine our life without them. Gone are the days when people performed all tasks manually or by conventional means. Those days are far behind. The development of custom solutions has become commonplace, you can contact the company that creates them, since there are already many of them, here is one of them: These days, mobile apps have changed several industries and shocked the market with their huge potential.


In the field of logistics, mobile applications for cargo transportation can be conditionally divided into:

Document-centric applications

Such applications help to simplify the work with documents for logistics and transport services involved in cargo transportation. If the documents are streamlined, it helps to navigate the company’s affairs more easily and speed up the execution of the necessary processes.

Applications for dispatchers

In cargo transportation, such applications allow you to control delivery and monitor the movement of vehicles in real time. Just one click is enough for the driver to report the completion of an order or to receive information about changes in real time. Such applications significantly improve the interaction between drivers and the dispatcher, which has a positive effect on the quality of cargo transportation.

Driver Control Applications

In this case, the main emphasis is on the calculation of the distance traveled by the vehicle (which means that the fuel consumption can be calculated). One of the features of such applications is the ability to calculate costs and keep a record of how much money will be received in the course of orders from customers. A striking example is the Ant Transportation application, with which you can check the staff, identifying productive as well as unscrupulous employees. An excellent solution for break-even and safe operation of the company!

Applications for finding the best route

Such applications for freight carriers are especially interesting, since not only the shortest and cheapest route is taken into account, but also the optimal delivery time or route can be calculated taking into account traffic jams and accidents that may impede travel. With these trucking apps, you can easily find the cheapest way. Thanks to such programs, you can save a lot or win due to the speed of delivery compared to competitors.

How to choose the right service?

1. Be sure to request reference visits to the company where this tool has been successfully implemented and operates (it is desirable, of course, that the company has a similar profile to yours).

2. Evaluate the flexibility of the service and the ability of implementers to modify the service to meet the needs of your company. Very often, especially large players offer, at first glance, a very powerful tool with a large number of options and various reports, but at the same time it is absolutely not adapted to solve some particular feature of your company. As they say, the essence is in the details.

3. Be sure to ask the implementers for modeling “as it was – as it will be.” This is done by providing the implementers with primary (actual) data on the export of goods for recalculation of routes using their service, then the actual work of your logistician (export costs) is compared with the work of the service.