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Must-Have HR Software Features

Having the right HR software is crucial for business success. But selecting the right software in the world with multiple options can be tricky. So what are those must-have HR software features you should have?

Below are the five must-have features that good HR software should have. These are those features that you should focus on whether you’re looking for payroll software or software to manage employee training.

Self-service features

Good Human Resource software doesn’t just require a single expert to use it. Software shouldn’t be for the few but it should be accessible by the different stakeholders that depend on it. In terms of HR software, this means usability by both the HR professionals but also the employees.

Self-service features mean the software is usable by both the HR professionals in charge and the employees who might be at the heart of what the software does. The feature can help with things like holiday requests, self-appraisal and performance analysis, work hour logging and so on. It means this information can be managed and updated by the HR team but also the employee.

This has an important benefit to the organisation. It provides more transparency and reduces the burden on the HR team. You can have them focus on the more important things and allow the employee to be part of the HR system.

Mobile and agile access

Access is the king in today’s world in many ways. As mentioned above, it’s important to provide usability for all sorts of stakeholders. But in addition, it’s crucial that access is also not restricted to a specific physical space or device. Human resource software has to be accessible on the go.

It usually means cloud-based software solutions. This makes the software accessible no matter where the person is – you could examine payroll information while waiting for your business flight or update your health insurance information when sitting at home after work.

Mobile and agile access are beneficial because they reduce rigid frameworks. It supports flexible work and, once again, enhances transparency.

Ease of use

When companies are selecting software and technology, they can sometimes forget to focus on usability and not just the functionality. While it’s important for technology to solve problems it’s made to solve, it’s equally important to emphasise the need to have an easy-to-use product. If your HR team won’t be able to understand the software or use it without constantly checking with a user manual, then you won’t really benefit from it.

The competitiveness of Human Resource software has meant that some companies have rushed to provide products that aren’t very good. Therefore, it’s crucial to test software before using and focus on usability and not just functionality.

AI-powered reporting

Reports and data analysis are the keys to solving any kind of problems. From accounting to HR, professionals will be better-equipped to making decisions when they have enough data to support their decisions. But manual reporting and analysis can take a lot of time and direct resources into areas that might not benefit the organisation in the long run.

Therefore, when you’re looking for the right Human Resource software, you have to pay attention to the analysis functionality. Good software will help you gather data and make AI-powered reports to use for further analysis. This helps the HR team to improve decision-making, learn more about the team and its performance, and boost the company’s objectives.

Advanced security

Security problems can be a costly issue for many organisations. In fact, they can cost an approximated $15.4 million every year. While many companies understand this and take adequate measures to protect financial and customer data, they don’t always do the same with employee data. This can lead to just as devastating results.

When you’re selecting Human Resource software, you must pay attention to security features. More specifically, you should ensure your chosen software:

  • Has full data encryption
  • Uses multi-authentication
  • Allows management of user permissions/roles
  • Complies with local and international laws and regulations
  • Introduces regular updates

Security often goes hand in hand with customer service. Software services that have good customer service tend to take security seriously too. So, it can be a good idea to focus on these two components together.

Always choose with organisational needs in mind

The above are the must-have HR software features that every organisation must keep at the core. If you have those in your chosen technology, you are going to find a good product.

But more importantly, you have to realise that the right HR software has to be chosen with company needs in mind. It’s important to use software to solve problems, not to pick software that simply creates them. If your biggest need is payroll, then your focus should be in finding payroll software for your business needs, not buying the latest HR management tool that doesn’t solve payroll issues.

So, always start with business needs and then ensure you search for HR software with the above must-haves in mind.