Product Experience Software and Understanding Your Users

Software as a service is on the rise, which means consumers are engaging with the software’s creator more frequently within the application. On top of the growth of SaaS, competition across niches is growing, and consumers can switch platforms with ease.

Due to this, companies are seeing a need to better track the customer’s journey within their digital product. This customer journey, otherwise known as the product experience, is crucial to analyze so the involved product can be improved. Product developers should understand how users engage with digital products and what features within the application are important to them.

This is why we recommend that companies employ some form of digital product experience software. Simply put, this software is one of the tools that many companies use to connect with their customers on a deeper level. This type of software gathers accurate statistics on how the customer interacts with the product, what features they enjoy, what they feel is lacking, and more.

Before shopping for the right product experience software for your business, check out these tips below:

Know the Products on the Market

There are many different product experience software programs on the market, such as Appcues, Pendo, and Gainsight PX. Albeit similar, each brand has unique features, and it is up to you to decide which will work best for your company.

  • Appecues focuses heavily on onboarding users and also lets the user of the program publish in-app experiences instantly.
  • Pendo works on analyzing the end customer’s interaction with certain features of the product.
  • Gainsight PX is an easy to manage, scalable software that collects productive customer feedback. If you’re looking for a software that offers extensive reporting on the customer’s flow from start to finish, you will want to look into Gainsight PX. Check out their site to learn more about tracking product experience.

Create an Engaging Interface

One of the most significant benefits of utilizing product experience software is the customer feedback feature that many programs offer. This feature allows customers to complete short surveys, a pop-up question, or a rating box. However, offering a place for feedback doesn’t always translate into customers providing their comments as it can be a lot to ask from the average consumer.

If you want to reduce your company’s churn rate, start with the baseline assumption that customers won’t want to contribute their feedback. This is why it is imperative to create an engaging space or even incentives. A thorough design and experience strategy should make the customer want to offer their feedback, whether it’s a compliment or concern, because they know their input matters.

Don’t Forget to Actually Utilize the Data

It may seem silly, but after spending so much time choosing the right software and after thoroughly implementing it, you might be thinking now what? Well, obviously your company has a problem that needs to be solved and the solution for is likely somewhere in the data provided by the software.

Product experience software cannot only collect feedback and track the customer’s journey through clicks, but most also send detailed analytics reports. These reports can help your company make data-driven decisions on product strategy. For example, you may find several customers deserting one area of your interface or a lengthy breadcrumb trail to get to that one section. This might indicate that the section is too clunky, or the customer cannot find what they’re looking for. You can use this analysis to streamline the customers’ flow. The interaction data may show ways to improve your current product so you can avoid adding new products, which is not always the best solution.

A Final Note

Utilizing product experience software is a great way to radically improve your technology’s customer experience by incorporating the needs of your consumers. Despite seeming like a different language to those who aren’t as familiar, such software packages provide great insight into potential issues with your technology and how your customers use it.

We hope this guide was helpful. We want you to understand the benefits of product experience software so you can use it to your company’s advantage!