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Security Moves that Keep Your Packages Safe

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that security is important. There are many people who will seize any opportunity to take something for free without regard to the consequences.

For you, this can be inconvenient, or it can be much worse if you’re waiting for delivery of a specific item.

That’s why it’s important to review your security measures and make the right moves to keep your packages safe in the future.

Damage Indicators

A damage indicator tells the customer whether a product has been manhandled during transit. It indicates whether a parcel has been dropped, been subject to excess pressure, they even provide temperature monitoring. But, they do one thing more than that.

They place responsibility on the courier company. Instead of leaving your parcel somewhere unattended, they will make sure it is delivered directly to you.

By not telling them just to leave your parcel somewhere you will reduce the chances of parcel theft, making it much more secure.

The good thing about these indicators is that they can actually be linked to tracking codes, allowing you and the supplier to keep an eye on where your parcel is as it makes its way to you.

Install A Camera

Another good idea is to install a camera at your front door. This can be connected to a recorder inside or you can use smart technology to enable you to see the camera from anywhere in the world! All you need is the internet.

This won’t just make sure that a parcel is delivered properly, it will also highlight any attempt to take the parcel.

Use A Lockbox

It’s not always possible t be at home for a delivery and, while many courier services are offering to drop at collection points, this is not always a viable alternative.

To help deal with this issue you can install a lockbox at your house. These are usually protected by a code, you give this to the courier and they leave the parcel securely inside it. You can then collect it when you get home and you can even change the code regularly to be extra safe.

Again, smart technology is also allowing you to use an electronic lock, this means you can unlock the lockbox or a porch door via the internet. The driver can then leave the package and you can relock the door, keeping it safe.

The Lock Bag

It is possible for thieves to cut this bag open but they’ll be caught on your camera doing so. In essence, the lock bag is simply a heavy-duty canvas bag that locks to your front door with a steel cable. The driver places your package into the bag and locks it, leaving it safely there until you get home.

The Neighbor

One of the safest methods to ensure your packages are safe is very low-tech and old-fashioned. Its called your neighbor. Simply get your neighbor to accept the parcel on your behalf, they’ll keep it safe and you can get it as soon as you get home.

Sometimes low-tech is the easiest and safest, but, you’ll need to know and trust your neighbor!