Shine grabs $9.3 million to build a bank for freelancers

Shine is a ideal bank for online entrepreneurs. It is an alternative traditional bank for freelancers who work in France. The pro Shine account is genuine, secure, and smart. It has an intuitive and is accessible to older generations who renew themselves.

With all its prettiness, anyone can start themselves as a freelancer and maintain a separate account in France as well as many others countries. Initially, register as a micro company and report earnings for report taxes, corporate taxes, and many more.

Recent investments

Shine raised $9.3 Million Series A funding . Previously, the company raised its funds to $3.3 Million from Kima ventures and Daphni and followed many business methods. Alongside other leading investors like XAnge and Dahni also participated in the round.

Easy and flexible access

In recent days, Shine has got a craze among many resources, and wanted to keep ahead of others, So for that Shine integrated an app.
Anyone who is interested in doing freelancing can utilize shine making their accounts and save accordingly.
The procedure for registering as a company is:
1. Download the app, enter the company name, the app itself suggests the process accordingly. Complete the form with photo and ID. When compared to others, Shine is user-friendly and easy to understand. The registration process is similar to social media sign up form filling.

2. Once the process of registration is finished, it allows to send and receive money from any shine account users. Similar to local bank applications, the features included in Shine are quite easy. IBAN allows to receive money and send using direct debit. ATM is also provided whereas, it is suggested to lock it or disable the options in the application for withdrawals and payments.
A few other partners like Treezor take care of the IBAN policies and other banking functionalities for any company.
Shine has a beautiful interface that organizes all the actions with acknowledgment. When working with the top resources, Shine asks for entering the Shine IBAN on respective platforms. When working with the clients, an invoicing system allows to integrate and creates a webpage and invoice PDF to send it to the clients.


Shine’s authentication is also secured. When the client opens the invoice, immediately, there will be a notification that is allowed to open the invoice and pay instantly.


Hopefully, Shine has a wide set of instructions to follow while passing any payment transaction. There is a support team that helps to resolve the problem and continues to process the next step. Constantly, Shine as a freelancer is developing and is planning to upgrade its features in making any company related information secured and protected, and is enhanced to enable smooth encryption in the transaction.

Pricing and applications

Shine is available for free, only when the process of payment and invoicing, depending upon that the charges are varied. Even then the cost is less compared to other resources. Shine allow variable pay in particular cases when the ATM card is theft or loss and so on.

The company is planning to upgrade their features to premium. More than 25,000 freelancers use Shine and on an approx 10%, new freelancing companies register with Shine.


Shine has become one of the easiest ways for the freelancers who are fresh to the industry. With other challenger banks, Shine is great to attract companies who focus on a particular niche with the same approach.
Shine facilitates regulatory tasks of any company who started as a freelancer. Deadline reminders, Expense forecasts, invoice creation, receipts management, automatic reminders are the most important features of Shine. Significantly more than a financial stability, Shine is genuine for independent entrepreneurs.