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SMS Campaigns for Your Business in 2023 and Beyond! 

The new year is here, and it’s time to grow your business’s digital presence and attract shoppers with Mitto SMS Campaigns. 

SMS is a great way to build interest and open a line of communication with customers. Whether through receiving SMS reminders for upcoming sales or other promotional messages, 83% of shoppers respond positively to text campaigns, according to research. 

Businesses wishing to boost their sales and draw in shoppers can utilize effective SMS practices for promotions and engagement. By communicating with their consumer base, shops can create compelling text message advertising that gets customers’ attention and influences their purchases. 

What SMS Services Does Mitto provide?

Mitto provides an array of text message marketing tools and SMS campaigns to help your business interact with customers.

Mitto’s comprehensive global platform allows subscribers to choose from message types such as notifications, reminders, marketing, and alerts. In addition, with an advanced SMS gateway and active AI routing, the platform can optimize your company’s marketing to ensure texts are sent and received. Their SMS API has led to a 98% message opening rate that attracts shoppers’ attention and directs them to your business. Other impressive benefits of their SMS gateway include the option for one-way and two-way messaging with a high response rate and global ubiquity.

Traditional campaigns typically rely on one-way messages to send alerts that consumers can not respond to. While this method is fantastic for sending out information, successful businesses rely on feedback that can be used to create future marketing. However, two-way messaging is a great way to encourage shopper engagement and open a valuable line of communication with your customers. When shoppers send you their feedback, you can use it to create more compelling future campaigns and increase sales. Additionally, with over 7.4 billion active users, SMS ensures that your business’s campaigns will be seen worldwide. This large pool of viewers from across the globe promises a diverse group of shoppers and feedback from all types of customers. With this information, businesses can build future campaigns that appeal to shoppers for increased sales and digital attention.

How can text message marketing attract shoppers?

When it comes to customer experience, no two shoppers are the same. Some shoppers spend months preparing for purchases, while others leave their shopping to the last minute. No matter the style of shopping, businesses should be ready to attract all types of customers in 2023. An excellent way for companies to attract shoppers is to produce SMS campaigns tailored to individuals instead of generalizing their entire customer base. 

For example, organized shoppers who procure purchases after much thought are more likely to subscribe for SMS reminders of product drops and back-in-stock alerts. Meanwhile, shoppers who tend to procrastinate are more likely to rely on alerts for sales and marketing that advertise the hottest items. 

A successful SMS marketing strategy appeals to both categories of shoppers by utilizing a mix of text message advertising, stock alerts, and sale reminders. By including an array of SMS marketing strategies, your business can attract all types of shoppers for increased sales. 

About Mitto

Founded in 2013, Mitto is a leader in global omnichannel communication solutions that support business growth. With a growing worldwide community and a team of industry experts, Mitto is dedicated to connecting businesses and customers through powerful SMS API. Using AI-powered routing and analysis, they offer state-of-the-art customer engagement and messaging technology that allows companies to craft successful SMS advertising.