Solution Architecture For Various Business Problems

For various business problems there is a designed , describing and managing process called Solution Architecture. It leads predefined best practices  and introduce the technical vision for a particular solution. The organization endeavor  to guide to create variety of solutions and applications   that can be unify to meet specific needs which leads to technical architecture as well as software architecture. It has most significant and client facing role in IT industries. in a company solution architecture is highly responsible for designing a comprehensive architecture for solutions and its role in providing strategic directions in whole development process. 

Solution architecture should be experts in business analysis , IT infrastructure , software architecture design and in develops. There was a document in which solution architecture is throughout described . this document itemize different certain level of visions for all topical  and future solutions , applications and meaning full processes that one organization has. They followed the guidelines given by organization in document to give them the consistent solutions that facilitates them with assimilation and communication. After taking view of regulations they design and develop numerous solutions and applications to solve the problems. As well as they make troubleshooting . and give there most excellent performance to prevent inconsistencies between solutions leisurelier.

We prefer to use solution architecture because it helps to certify that a new system will perfectly fit with the existing enterprise environment . for this task a solution architect has to understand how all parts of business model works with each other including processes , operating systems and applications architecture. when they design a solution there are feasible decisions are worked out in a solution architecture.  these feasible options are RFIs , REPs or the development of architypes. It selects the most advantageous options and develops the roadmap for the preferred solution. 

 The alliance platform BLUEDOLPHIN supports this sculpting language. The exceptional thing about BlueDolphin is that in it the enterprise architecture can be linked to Business process Management , Project Portfolios Management , Application Portfolios management and data management in a single depository. Blue Dolphin transmute and originate with relevant information . and it is understandable for each interested party.

BlueDolphin is a SaaS platform which produces the business , Information technology and data organized. It is an Enterprise SaaS tool that helps CIOs and Enterprise Architects for organizing of different business transforming . it work in partnership on its execution and manage each process based  on real data perceptions. It works in collaborative knowledge sharing where manifold stake holders with multiple cases share a single platform. It’s the most cost-effective path for innovation it models your projects , applications, systems and all data in one place . it delivers agile business transformation furthering your processes, applications , data and architecture. it  brings together the process , data, applications and transportation that  that are so indistinguishably linked all through your organization.

We ever felt frustrated by inaccurate data or formats with which we work with . that’s why we built one central, shared repository that speaks the languages of every user . for this as a single central repository BuleDolphin integrates all modeling languages for everyone . the so difficult collaboration between architecture and process management is the thing of past. BlueDolphin boundary and logical user experiences makes it easy for every stakeholder to use . it  ensures our internal associates employ the tool consistency and that shared data that is always up to date. And it’s a breeze that blueDophine gives inquiry form and gather data from external users. With the help of this you benefited from the fully integrated ideas and  vigorous insights . it is a complete context that is so often missing from other architecture tools .Its dynamic meditation enables us to more accurately assess our current state.  It performs influence analyses and make better knowledgeable decisions for our organization and its transforming processes.

BlueDolphin reduces the complexity of our applications landscape and overlaps by mapping application competence, functionality and qualities to process constraints. It maps relationships between processes, applications and public services so we can understand how processes influence on strategic objectives, and execute enhancements. it identify the affective way to deliver highlighted curriculums.