Some Risk-Free Ways to get Bitcoin

Bitcoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies, created in 2009, following the global financial crisis.  Unlike traditional currency, Bitcoin is created, distributed, traded, and stored using a decentralized ledger system, otherwise known as a blockchain. Bitcoin has allowed many who previously would not have access to methods of trading to become skilled and successful traders.

However, as with every industry, corruption and manipulation has infiltrated Bitcoin. You have to be careful where you are investing, and how you are getting your Bitcoin. If you want to avoid the high risk trading or gambling that is often associated with Bitcoin, there are lots of other risk-free ways to get your Bitcoin. This article will offer some good risk-free options for Bitcoin beginners. 


An excellent way to earn some bitcoin is Cloud Mining, which means that you can mine bitcoin without having to install the hardware you would usually need for mining cryptocurrencies. This is great for beginners because you do not have to invest much money into this method, nor do you have to worry about equipment or software. Of course, your profit may be minimal, but if you are just looking to top up your Bitcoin or lay down a foundation for your Bitcoin adventure, it might be a good idea. BestCloudmining provides a comparison platform for those who wish to cloud-mine, so that they can decide which service is best for their needs. 


A bitcoin faucet is a website or an app which offers a drip of rewards in the form of Bitcoins in exchange for small tasks such as completing a captcha. Some sites even offer browser games to really draw users to the site and get more traffic. Bonus Bitcoin offers a simple, one button click bitcoin reward, whereas Cointiply offers games, clickers, adverts and more to gain more users. 

Selling things for Bitcoin 

Just as you would sell handmade goods or your secondhand clothes for money, you can sell anything you want and get Bitcoin for it. There are many reputable Bitcoin marketplaces, such as Glyde or OpenBazaar.

Jobs for Bitcoin

If you are in need of a job or a project and want to get paid in Bitcoin, there has been a surge in the amount of employers paying for freelancing work or full-time jobs in Bitcoin.  Coinality is a website which advertises Bitcoin-only jobs. Many of these jobs are based around research, website design and software development.  You can also upload your CV so that employers can contact you about opportunities directly. By simply searching ‘Bitcoin jobs’, you will find an extensive list of resources to guide you in the right direction. 

There are hundreds of handy online services that will kickstart your adventure with Bitcoin. It is absolutely essential to take some time to research before diving into the world of cryptocurrencies to consider what you want to get out of it. Are you looking to make a quick buck or are you investing for the future? If you are dedicated and committed to pursuing a new financial direction online, and you are willing to put in research and time, Bitcoin might become your new best friend!