Digital Marketing

Start Your Online Business Through Instagram

We have now come to the point where we utilize different digital technologies, the internet, and online platforms to bring convenience in most aspects of our lives — from connecting with our friends to earning money. There is no doubt that since the start of the digital or information age, our lives have never been easier. 

Presently, another thing that has been becoming a ‘trend’ in the interweb is creating online businesses. People are using different social media platforms like Instagram to promote their shops and sell their products. It is no surprise at all that most of us are patronizing online shopping as it combines two of our favourite past times: shopping and sitting down. And because of the high demand, a lot of business-minded people are starting their online shops on Instagram — hoping to earn money and someday establish their brand. 

If you have been thinking of doing this too, then you have come to the right place. Below are some tips on how you could start your online business and boost it right from the very start.

Edit your Instagram profile

The first thing that you should do is to create your own Instagram profile. The trick here is naming your business as catchy as possible so that people will get intrigued as soon as they see your username. Use a high-quality photo of your logo that captures the essence of your online shop. You can think of a signature catchphrase that best reflects the shop’s purpose.

Create relevant and eye-catching content

Now, here’s where you should be consistent and should put an extra effort in. Instagram is all about the photos that you post in your feed. Make sure that they have high-quality and aesthetically pleasing graphics. The trend lately is the use of minimalistic designs, however, this shouldn’t stop you from using bold colours and icons if that best illustrates your shop. If you are posting the products that you want to sell, stick to one cohesive layout for each of the posts and you should also try out switching from photos to videos from time to time. Preplanning your future content will also help.

Create ways to gain followers

Making sure that you are consistently gaining followers is maybe the hardest part of the start-up and the most important. The number of your followers influences other users’ and potential customers’ perception of your credibility and relevance. The more followers, the more credible you are.

Utilize Instagram ads

Instagram offers an option where you can pay to have your post advertised and reach other users outside of your following. The amount of exposure it gets depends on how much you are willing to pay.

Connect with other businesses or influencers

You can always collaborate with other online businesses to promote each other. If you still have a small following, most Instagram famous influencers accept sponsorships through products and/or monetary and in return, they will advertise the business and whatever it is they’re selling.

Avail Instagram Growth Service

If you want instant growth, seeking Instagram growth services is always an option. SocialMeep, for example, is a company that could help your account have organic growth in a short period which is perfect for start-up businesses like yours. It helps you get real followers relevant to your brand unlike those who use bots and fake accounts. 

Increase and invite engagements

Create an avenue where you can interact with your followers. Utilize Instagram stories to ask for feedback and suggestions. It will also help if you reply to every comment on your posts. This is how you could show them good-quality customer service.