Startups in Europe can benefit from outsourced sales while breaking into the US market

Sales outsourcing is becoming popular among startups in venturing into a new market to accessing the best sales skills. 

While branching out into a new geographical area, the biggest challenge is how to generate predictable revenue?

One of the proven options is handing over a portion or all of your sales efforts to sales outsourcing professionals, as a more efficient sales team can be a key to unlocking regions and finding great returns on your investments. 

Let’s go over a few reasons to help you improve your understanding of how outsourced sales can help European startups break into the US market.

Rapid Growth:

Outsourced sales services have the potential to boost your sales effectively into a new market that you did not previously have access to, which in turn enhanced the company’s growth.

Outsourcing companies are always up-to-date with modern sales execution skills to pitch new products or services. Your partner researches the field you are in, analyzes potential customers, and develops a strategy with the most in-depth data and agile ideas to attract more buyers.

Outsource sales for startups benefit businesses with top-notch sales representatives, providing an opportunity for startups to grow effectively.

Reduce Geographical Risk: 

If you are selling something successfully in your home country, it doesn’t always mean you can expand your business internationally. When you enter a new market, especially when you are looking to expand across continents, you need to potentially establish a new local entity and navigate a new infrastructure to avoid cultural barriers. 

An outsourced sales agency lets you skip all of the necessary hiring procedures and go straight to the part where an experienced sales team is at work capable of finding more potential buyers than your in-house sales team.

While breaking European startups into the US market, Sales outsourcing companies in Europe can make the learning curve much shorter by using their geographic spread. Outsourced sales benefit you from the know-how of an organization that has already introduced different solutions in the new market.

Resources Management: 

Looking for a sales professional by your requirements is costly and time-consuming. There is a need to go through the application process and train the employee, but when outsourcing, your trusted partner benefits you with skilled sales representatives at a very reasonable cost.

When outsourcing your sales on a need basis, you can also maintain a smaller team size. Thus, being the developer of a service or product, you come in a position to focus your resources to help you develop and produce the most innovative solutions in your industry.


When leads need to be dealt with quickly, sales outsourcing can function best. It brings expertise that your core team doesn’t possess and allows you to pass on the task of managing the sales team, which is time and budget-friendly.

Shortly, hiring a third-party company to handle your sales especially, when you are expanding in other geographical regions, offers numerous benefits to your business.