The global economy in 2020 is going through an unprecedented time due to the adverse effect of COVID-19 pandemic. People are much worried about their investments and monetary growth during this period. On the other hand, financial advisors have declared this to be the right time to enter the market. Many stocks hold a low value right now, but in future have a possibility to generate higher returns again. If you are a first-time investor who does not know much about that stock market, Read this article to find out about common mistakes that people make while investing money. 

The Mindset: Not everyone is well-equipped to deal with handling their personal finance. Not everyone excels in money management, but to trade in the stock exchange, one must nurture a sense of strong determination. The mind is the sharpest tool while investing in the stock market. 

  • Always have patience while investing capital for the long run to yield more beneficial results. Do not expect higher returns instantly from the stock market because a higher return takes time. If you study the graph over the last ten years, you will find that the stock market, in general, has steady growth. 
  • Do not get emotionally involved with a particular company. If you want to profit from the market, do not hold on to stocks that are losing value in the global market. Never be emotional while dealing with capital because other opportunities will only come to you if invested smartly in different sectors of the stock market. 

All eggs in One Basket: Investing in multiple stocks, by diversifying the portfolio may yield genetic results. Some financiers suggest investing in varied stock so that if one fails to perform well, they will always have gained from other funds, providing balanced revenue at the end of the year. But a generic portfolio will never outshine the market. The goal is to generate higher returns by selecting specific stocks. 

Proper Planning: Most people start trading with no trading plan whatsoever. They might not even be sure of the entry point and the exit point and the amount of capital they want to spend on a trade. Some may not have enough time to learn the rules of investments. They can always employ a professional financier to help them invest in the stock market safely. Those who do not have time to invest in the stock market can always go for a mutual fund as that is a more secure way to trade. 

Risk Determinant: While investing in the stock market, do not forget the potential risk factor that comes with it. The stock market is a game of money, and like every other game, there are winners as well as losers. Accept the good and the bad gracefully. You should not invest money in the stock exchange that you cannot afford to lose. Always have in an emergency fund prepared to deal with unforeseen circumstances. 

  • Calculate market risks before investing in any specific stocks.
  • Do not invest a large sum of money in one stock. 
  • Invest in other comparatively safer funds such as mutual funds and gold funds.
  • Turn your losses into an experience to dominate the market better. 

Time Goals: Before investing, make sure you have a timeframe in mind. People invest for long-term for their children’s education, to buy their dream house, or to have a retirement fund. So, have a timeframe in mind and act accordingly. Witnessing a positive change in the market value of your stock in recent times, you may sell-off part of it to get the initial investment back to your bank account safely while keeping the other half of the stock in the market to generate a better return. 

Another common mistake that many people make is to follow the herd. They see someone who has gotten a great return in recent years and try to recreate their portfolio. They wish to follow their footsteps, but they must remember that the entry points of those famous investors were different. The same stocks might not work in your favor at present. So, before investing in any particular stock, research well to get positive results.