Table for work at home: 5 unusual options

Working from home can be highly effective, but it requires a comfortable environment. Alas, not everyone can afford a separate office or at least an equipped workplace with the standing desk. Therefore, we tell you which tables will not take up much space and suit those who like to work in different positions.

The table on the shelf

The ideal solution for saving space is a shelf instead of a table. It can be placed on the wall, measuring a convenient height and width in advance. Of course, the mount must be as strong as possible: the shelf must at least withstand the weight of the laptop and other necessary items in work. With such a desk, you can work standing up without spending money on an office chair. In addition, many people at work are comfortable leaning on the table with their elbows.

Standing work table

A prolonged sitting position is unnatural for a person. Because of the long working day, the back suffers, and the posture deteriorates. Many people prefer to work standing up, and some modern doctors believe this is the proper habit. There is also evidence that ergonomic chair affect productivity. In a study conducted among call center employees, those who had desks standing made 45% more calls than their colleagues sitting during the entire shift. And you also do not need to buy office chairs for such a workplace — saving both the budget and space in the apartment.

Table 2 in 1

There is a complete solution-a mobile workstation for those who like to work both sitting and standing, which consists of two tables on wheels, complemented by a stand for a mug. You can sit at the left table and stand at the right table. So, you do not have to carry a laptop searching for a suitable height of the surfaces. Furthermore, the table is easily disassembled, and you can hide it from view for the weekend so that you can rest from work with a guarantee.

Table with shelves

All of these tables are good in their minimalism and compactness. But if the work involves more than just a monitor, a notebook, and a cup of coffee, you will have to worry about a place to store your documents. Suitable for small shelves and cabinets or, as in the photo below, shelves. The tabletop is turned perpendicular to the wall, where all the necessary items for study or work are stored. Another option: hanging shelves-drawers on the wall, in which you can put a laptop.

Adjustable table

Another model that is suitable for fans of changing poses while working. The table on the leg is adjustable in height, allowing you to choose the optimal one-from sitting on a low chair to a standing position. The most exciting thing: the furniture “grows” due to electronic control. Thus, it does not have to be unwound independently. The most budget analog of such a table is a regular ironing board with the ability to choose the height of the surface.