Tailor-made marketing analytics report as per choice

This is the process of managing, measuring and analyzing the overall performance of various marketing activities to increase their effectiveness and optimize return on investment regarding business. Marketing analytic dashboard offers in-depth insights into customer preferences and trends for future planning. This goes beyond the operations and function of marketing by providing real-time market feedback to senior business management representatives, sales and customer service. It further helps them with decision making on where to invest and how to prioritize thing for better. Marketing analytics tools are known for offering a more holistic approach to measuring marketing efforts both online and offline. It helps reveal the direct impact of marketing via connecting all areas of marketing with lead generation results and sales.

List of things to have in a marketing report:

Every marketing tool today probably has its reporting feature, and the list of metrics could belong. The metrics an individual choose depends on the goals and nature of business. Still, a set of must-have metrics that are a good idea for any company willing to have or maintain a marketing report are listed below:

  1. Goals
  2. SEO data
  3. Email marketing data
  4. Leads and customers
  5. Explanations

5 Ways marketing analytics can help enterprise and ventures:

  1. Understanding the target audience helps
  2. The lookout where competitors are investing
  3. Analyze the performance of marketing campaigns
  4. Monitor and predict trends of future
  5. Analyze data and decide the future course of action

 The Importance of Marketing Analytics:

Marketing analytics software is often referred to as internet or web marketing analytics. It allows monitoring campaigns and their respective outcomes. In the long run, this enables spending each dollar as effectively as possible to earn revenue. Today, marketing is gaining popularity crazily thus the importance of analytics is no longer under valued. When the cost price is more than what it is giving in return, it is considered a not so good long-term business strategy or investment. Specifically in search marketing, the most powerful marketing performance metrics are Keywords exactly tell what goes on in the mind of potential and current consumers.

 List of types of marketing analytics reports: 

1. General marketing report is a great all rounder template that gives an overview of all marketing efforts. Whether content marketing to e-commerce analytics or search engine optimization, one gets everything. Always keep in mind that this is a comprehensive report with some of the below mentioned recommended KPIs are:

·       Bounce rate

·       Campaign performance

·       Channel performance by traffic source

·       Conversion rate

·       Goal completions 

2. SEO marketing report is an integral part of any long term digital marketing strategy. One might probably find similarity if an individual already used Google Analytics dashboards. However, this report helps keep track or be in the loop to know how SEO efforts perform in general. Below is the list of crucial KPIs every individual should include in an SEO marketing report:

·       Organic sessions

·       Organic conversions

·       Organic landing pages

·       Organic keywords

3. PPC marketing report is good because the return on Investment is easy to track. It is one of the best strategies for driving conversions, but that is possible only when results are both optimized and monitored. Most digital marketing reports support Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, SEMRush, and much more! An excellent PPC marketing report shall include inputs on:

·       Revenues

·       Clicks and costs

·       Conversions

·       Ad performance

 4. Social media marketing report has two aspects. This can be further segregated to social media marketing paid and organic ads. Facebook Ads are paid, whereas content marketing is organic. Today the most popular social networks for campaigns are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. Every digital marketer wants to include all the attributes mentioned above for a more significant chunk of clients and business.

·       Likes and followers

·       Impressions and reach

·       Engagement

·       Top performing posts

 5. eCommerce marketing report is all about products and services that are constantly evolving and changing, so is the need for change mandatory for every e-commerce marketing strategy. Every e-commerce marketing report should include KPIs that would eventually ensure getting the best possible eCommerce marketing efforts. In general, eCommerce marketing involves plenty of marketing channels, starting from Google Analytics to social media. Below is the list of crucial metrics one should include in every report are:

·       Revenue

·       Conversion rate

·       Transactions

·       Bounce rate

·       Pages per session

·       Average order value


Marketers should no longer rely on gut feeling or guesswork to be successful atleast in this era of marketing. A marketer has to back up the feasibility of every activity with figures and factual data. Marketing analytics dashboard software keeps an eye on every visitor who works on social media and digital properties. It eventually helps to understand which marketing activities are fetching revenue for the business in the long run.