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The Benefits of Working from Home for You and Your Employer

Working from home has many benefits, not just for you, the employee, but also for the employer. With more than half the US workforce expected to be working at home in some form by 2025, it’s evident that these unique working conditions are getting more and more popular.

That’s for a good reason, because there are so many positives, from improving mental wellbeing and morale to making you more productive. This article is going to outline all the benefits for not just yourself but for the company as a whole.

Benefits for you

There is an abundance of reasons why working from home is great for any employee, but here are the highlights:

  • You’ll spend less time commuting. Due to the need for travel to get to work being effectively eradicated when working from home, apart from perhaps the short walk from your bedroom to your PC, you can to work a soon as you wake up, boosting productivity.
  • You’ll be happier. Due to the freedom and flexibility of working from home, it’s been recorded that employees are far happier than when compared to those stuck in an office. When morale is high, you’re more engaged with your work, which means you’re more likely to produce higher quality output.
  • You’ll be more focused. As there won’t be any colleagues around when working at home, you’ll be far less likely to be distracted, meaning that you can get your head down and focus more on the task at hand. However, home does bring up some of its own challenges and temptations, but these can easily be overcome with some discipline and working from home tips.

Benefits for the company

The reason working from home has become so popular in recent years is because businesses have clued into the multitude of benefits, here are a few:

  • They’ll have a higher retention rate. Due to the high morale that working from home can bring, employees will be less likely to leave and will be much more inclined to stay for longer. This higher retention rate has a couple of benefits, with one being that less time and funds will be needed for recruitment. Also, a higher retention rate is incredibly attractive to prospective employees, meaning that your company can attract the top talent easier, improving the overall quality of the organization.
  • They can hire anyone. Due to working from home, there is no need to come into a static office, companies can hire people from outside the geographical location that it’s based. This means that they can cast a bigger net when recruiting, and hopefully find and bring in the best people, regardless of where they’re based. This can increase diversity within a workforce, which is a really beneficial thing for a company.
  • They’ll save on office space. As there’ll be more people not using a singular office space, employers might not have to waste money paying rent for an office, or at the very least, can save money paying for a small one. The money saved can be used to fund other useful resources for the company.