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The Best Features of Windows 10

Businesses are about to get one of the best Microsoft platforms in Windows 10. It is versatile and includes a myriad of advanced features that a company would need. Such features include those that provide identity and info protection and, which allow a better user experience for organizations.

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Carry on below to see five of the best.

1.     The Start Menu Is In a Simple and Easy To Use Layout

The Microsoft Start Menu has returned. There are fewer icons, set in folders that are ready to use. You can even easily remove the icons or folders with a right click of your mouse.

Click the Start button and voila! Up pops two panels, the left column shows the apps that you pin, recent, and most-used. The right column shows the live tiles that you can reorganize and manipulate for your convenience.

At the bottom, you have a start field, which you can use to access related web results, programs and files, similar to Windows 7.

2.     Digital Assistance with Cortana

Microsoft has separated Cortana and Windows Search with individual accessibility and settings. Cortana features personal assistant tasks and uses voice input; but if you would rather not use it, you can go to the taskbar and remove the button.

Use Cortana, and you will interact with your device by voice prompt to carry out tasks. You can search by date for files, photos and, access a spreadsheet without switching away from a PowerPoint presentation, and send an email with Cortana. Multi-tasking at a high level!

3.     Project Spartan Presents Streamlined Searches

The search box is an uncluttered interface, which positions the five apps that you use most frequently in the center. As well as listing your recent documents and web pages. You have PDF support and a reading mode that presents long articles in a better layout.

New also, is a note-taking feature that allows you to share remarks through social networks using a slide-in menu without leaving the browser. Project Spartan supports Cortana, so you will be able to pull up more information (e.g. appointment schedule) without accessing your email.   

4.     Easy Switching Between PC and Tablet Devices

Microsoft wants you the switch between your hybrid devices easily. The system will sense a keyboard or mouse plugging in (or out) and notify you with a convenient pop-up from your taskbar. Quickly choose to activate (or deactivate) the mode of your choice and carry on where you left off the other device.

5.     Virtual Desktops

Windows 10 lets you open several desktops on the top taskbar. Compress the plus sign to the far right to create a new desktop and switch easily between them by clicking the Task View button. Once you click your mouse over the thumbnail of the desktop you want, it opens immediately allowing you to continue using it.


Windows 10 is ideal for your business as you can manage and protect your devices and company information using more control over privacy settings. Your staff will be more productive with features such as Cortana. Your organization will have an all-round advantage in today’s IT environment with all the improved accessibility.