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The crypto predictions that you need to look for in the year 2022

We have come to an era where everything is taking a new shape. And when everything is taking a new shape, why would the traditional currencies fall behind? They are also changing from fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies. People who know about it are interested in investing in it, knows what are the best cryptos for high gains, and know how to spot cryptocurrency scams.

However, we all know by now how volatile the crypto market is. And when a market is highly volatile, the future predictions become hard.

Bitcoin itself is evolving all the time and witnesses multiple trends every year. It makes predictions even harder.

However, keeping the events of 2021 (the year for crypto) in mind, experts can still make some guesses about 2022.

Expert predictions of 2022

As we said, although it is not easy to predict, still experts have assumed the following for cryptocurrencies-

Altcoin investments will rise

In the year 2021, 7 entire crypto market was owned by Bitcoin only. However, the number has fallen to 40% at the beginning of 2022. Can you imagine what the reason is? Well, the reason is simple. There are many altcoins that are getting more acceptance. Therefore, people have started investing in altcoins slowly. The market of altcoins is becoming widespread. Therefore, the investment of bitcoin seems less compared to the altcoin market. Experts predict that it will increase more in the future. Bitcoin now has other competing cryptocurrencies.  Therefore, choose wisely. Choose which blockchain interests you the most.

Regulations are inevitable

There are governments worldwide who are trying to make ways to make bills to keep it under the regulatory framework. Some countries have already legalized cryptocurrency. For example, Indian heads of crypto exchanges are trying hard to make necessary changes regarding the crypto assets. Everyone is waiting eagerly to see what step India will take in 2022.

Bitcoin may reach USD 100,000

While this may sound surprising, but Bitcoin reached 68,000 USD last year and again came down to 30,000 USD. As the current ongoing trend there is a greater possibility for it to reach a higher mark. 

The crashing of crypto

Although there are predictions of rising cryptocurrency value, there are also opposite predictions in the market. According to some experts, crypto might witness a great fall in 2022. Some are even expecting it to fall as low as USD10,000 or even less. The sudden fall in the last year is what generated such assumptions.

Events that are making such investments

Here are some incidents that impacted such assumptions of the experts in 2022.

Rise of virtual real estate

In 2021, physical real estate buying or trading was impossible because of the covid situation. Hence, virtual real estate came into the picture. The blockchain developments of Sandbox and Decentraland made it possible for investors to buy virtual lands or digital assets and everything.

Tesla investing in Bitcoin

The year was not all about cryptos. It was full of Elon Musk’s tweets as well. He made many tweets in the year 2021. And then, Tesla Inc. made a bitcoin investment. The organization bought bitcoin worth USD 1.5 billion.

Market cap of USD 3 trillion

It is another of the crypto highlights of 2021. In November, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies was over USD 3 trillion, and this number is going to rise in the times to come. 

What does the future hold for cryptos? 

The future of bitcoin is still very hard to predict. Although the market has many users, it is still a good opportunity to invest in the market. Since the market is highly fluctuating, giving a certain prediction is not possible, though, the trend that we have seen reflects a positive growth curve. From the above-said assumptions and events, we can only predict some factors. Also, there are counter opinions as well of specific predictions. So, be careful about your investments.

Concluding thoughts

Whenever you invest in the crypto market, keep in mind its volatile nature. Always make well-informed decisions. There are several other cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and if you are planning to start your crypto trading journey, the right time is today. Start exploring the best option and initiate your trading journey.