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The Effective Blogger Outreach Tips For 2019

This guide takes you through the most effective strategies that you can follow for outreaching the bloggers.

Over the years, the SEO scenario has shifted from being speculative to a definitive process. Mainly because of the frequent updates that Google keeps on introducing to its core algorithm. Backlinks and influencer partnerships can bring in the much-needed stability to your website’s performance in the dynamic SEO environment.

Look out for the prospects

To begin with, you need to look out for the influencers that can provide you with contextual links to your website.

  • Make a list

Prepare a list of potential bloggers. While you are listing the influencers, make sure that you stick to the niche of your blog and list only those which are relatable. Google has strictly laid in their webmaster’s guidelines that irrelevant links are considered as spammy.

  • Sort the bloggers

Once you are done with listing the bloggers, you need to make sure that they fit in the criteria for your website. For example, OutreachMonks blogger outreach service makes use of different parameters such as DA, TA, CF, and TF to sort the right blog for acquiring links.

  • Find out their contact info

Now that you have a filtered list of the prospective influencers that you can collaborate with, you need to contact them. But before you contact them, you need their contact information. Usually, the bloggers put up their contact information on their blog for anyone to reach out to.

Personalize their experience with you

Reaching out to a blogger that can potentially provide you backlink is easier said than done. The bloggers receive hundreds and thousands of emails regarding the same every day.

  • Look for common ground

To break the ice between you and the blogger, simply sending out a cold email won’t work. You need to be persuasive. Throughout typical marketing strategies, finding common grounds has been considered as an effective way to get the other person to respond. This offers a personalized experience for both the parties involved in any exchange.

  • Shake their perspective

As soon as you get a revert from the bloggers, you need to persuade them to agree to your terms. Be it partially if not all of your terms. Drive the conversation slowly towards what you need from them. According to experts from OutreachMonks, an important factor during blogger outreach is to keep the tone as humble as possible. This would allow the blogger to feel that he’s being appreciated and you need their help.

  • Close the deal

Once you have the blogger come close to your needs and you mutually come to an agreeable term of the contract, seal the deal. Usually, it would take around a couple of to and fro emails to get to such an agreement, but it is worthwhile, considering the benefit you’ll be enjoying for your website.

Blogger outreach may seem a cumbersome task but it is considered amongst the top three essential SEO strategies that affect the rankings on google. Keeping in mind the main objective behind the outreach, you can surely achieve the success you desire for.