The Pros And Cons Of a Side Hustle

In today’s world it is very common for people to have a side hustle, which is defined as a project alongside their main job. 

For instance, freelancers mostly work on a part-time basis, or on a project basis, this is also a side hustle that is generally preferred by students or those looking to make connections. However, side hustling comes with pros and cons and this is why researching the side hustle is important. 

The latest campaign from Caunce O’Hara is a great place to start your research as they share several stats and analytics on starting a side hustle. We are also breaking the pros and cons down for you within this article to make your decision an informed one. 


  • Extra Money Can Be Earned:

When talking to today’s youths it is obvious, they have a very different set of thoughts and opinions related to their career and future planning. If you ask a teenager what they want out of life, they would most probably reply with have lots of money from YouTube or my own business. However, what many do not realise is that in order to start your own business or run a YouTube channel you also need time, money and skills.

Money and building a skillset all come from experience, so whilst they are young and have the time this is when they should start really setting their sights on future goals. 

  • More Exposure:

When a person, may it be a student or a working professional with a stable job works outside of their main domain of work, then their exposure to different areas of interest increases. If a person does a side hustle in a particular area of interest, they build networks, increase their skills, and can become a hot topic in that industry.


  • Lack of Time:

A student who is doing some work alongside their studies and an employee who is taking time at weekends and evenings may be spreading themselves too thin. There is a huge possibility that a person may take on too much and not be giving anything 100%. 

When starting a side hustle be sure to take time to schedule your workload and make time for yourself and loved ones.

  • More Work Less Money:

If you are starting in the side hustle world and you are a newbie, there is a huge possibility that there might be a phase of time where you are not earning the amount of money you deserve to earn. Hence if you are willing to step into this world, be ready to earn less before you earn more, but always remember your worth!