The secrets of successful POD business growth in 2021

New speed and acceleration

New realities in people’s lifestyles and preferences have impacted all industries and businesses. This is the agenda, and anyone looking to succeed in the long-term run should explore innovations and generally what’s new in their own and adjacent markets. This is applicable not only for new products, services and approaches, but also for strategies, technologies and investments.

Projects that are in their infancy or unprecedented projects seem to have the most opportunities, so startups, as well as large companies that decide to change certain elements, should not be afraid to use every chance to break forward.

One example of such businesses is the POD business. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most relevant tactics and strategies to help entrepreneurs in this industry to thrive.

  • PodZa

This PodZa Print on Demand service is a must-have if you plan to grow up quickly and steadily. Designed in order to meet all POD business needs, as an order processing, production and shipping automation, it makes all routine interactions with partners and customers much easier. By shifting your efforts and attention from manual recurring work to customer experience development and improvement, you’ll achieve a success in a short time, and it will be sustained. 

  • High-level customer service and support

Customer service is the main criterion, if not everything, for POD business success. This factor should not be considered as a fallback in case of issues with an order, a refund request or interesting offers for the customers – it this point all processes should work seamlessly. However, there are other customer support functions that will lead you to higher goals:

  • Understand individual requirements and wishes of a client and implement them as accurately as possible, and in time. This increases the chance of a customer returning, develop consumer loyalty of your brand, and lead to more recommendations of you to others (see below).
  • If something went wrong, and a client still requested to change the status of an order, try to make an exchange, but not a refund. For example, you can offer your client to leave a product that didn’t fit him/her if its cost is lower than the cost of re-shipping. This will save your budget, retain your customer and increase your credibility. 
  • Offer a wide range of POD options. For example, add a function not only like “send an image, and we will print it on our product”, but “send us a list of features that the end product should meet, so that we will develop a concept, especially for you.” This will be an additional burden, but with the prompt work of the customer service and the fulfillment of customer requirements, you get a large flow of clients and their satisfaction. And here starts a higher income, awareness and, of course, word of mouth.
  • WOM-marketing

The next step to success, as you guessed, is a word of mouth. Accordingly, to recent researches, you calculate your WOM rates by a few ways on three different levels: simple, medium and advanced. It can be done by using Google Analytics or related tools which helps to understand a statistics of current and returning customers that can help you to measure and evaluate your progress as well as to forecast its perspective. And because of once you can calculate something you’re able to impact it, you’ll find a way to get greater number of customer retention and acquisition. Follow related studies and researches to learn more and to implement right Print on Demand business strategy which matches you better results.

  • PWA-based website

Progressive Web Apps is a growing market that is gaining momentum very rapidly (as well as POD business). Very soon, this automation and customization technology will become the new normal in all e-Commerce online stores, but not everyone has implemented it yet. So there is no time to waste: 

  • explore all options for how you can add this feature to your website; 
  • estimate and plan your budget; 
  • take advice of or hire professional developers.

Even startups cannot neglect such an investment with high potential ROI, or they will have to take up the challenge, and in the worst case, start to say goodbye to customers who will shift to competitors which provide this function. 

At first glance, it might seem that PAWs are only designed to help to shorten the time of a start of customer engagement with a brand. However, it is not. Users of PAW-based websites get many benefits, such as faster loading, easier checkout processes, and many special offers. Given that POD is already synonymous with customization, imagine what would happen if you could turn a customer experience into a custom design workshop on your platform. The clients will feel that you’re thinking about them, taking care of them and working to meet their needs – this is what clients are looking for in brands today (what is also shown by many studies).

Summing up

Turbulent time doesn’t tolerate stagnation. Crisis is an opportunity to take risks, and risk is an action. Action leads to movement. And direction will be defined by your efforts and strategy. 

In times of chaos, it’s important not to focus on consistency, traditional thought, and procrastination. Rapid plan development, budgeting, testing, and product iterations will be the main guiding stars. 

POD business is one such opportunity, and in order to excel in this area, teams need to follow the guidelines above. Following recent research studies and case studies of companies and entrepreneurs that have already achieved success, together with your own analytics, will help you understand where you are and what you need to focus on. Technologies will help to automate various production processes and primary interactions with clients. The customer service is responsible for further customer retention and acquisition.

Lastly, people’s satisfaction and their referrals will help your business thrive even in the most challenging times.