The Ultimate Buying Guide For Satellite Phones

How vital is a cell phone in your personal and professional life? It is safe to say that you cannot even imagine a day without a cellphone. This one simple statement is enough to prove the dependence of humans on cell phones. From personal commitments to professional, if you want to get things done smoothly then cellphone is one of the important itineraries that one must-have. 

Mobile has improved communication between people. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is quite impossible to imagine communication without mobile phones. With all this being said, have you ever considered purchasing a satellite phone? Yes, then you’re at the right place. By the end of this article, you will get all the key details you need to know while buying a satellite phone. Stay tuned. 

What are Satellite Phones?

Before heading to the buying guide, if you’re someone who is not so familiar with satellite phones and why one needs them? Let’s discuss it first.

Satellite phones don’t rely on the cell towers for the network. Yup, you heard it right. They rely on the satellites that are fixed above the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) or the Equator to connect with other phones or telephone networks. These satellites are fixed anywhere between 500 to 1000 miles above the earth. The best thing about satellite phones is that they have wide coverage and can be used from anywhere on planet earth. The reason behind is that since these phones don’t rely on the terrestrial cell towers like your smartphones. Even when natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods wash away cell phone towers you can still continue communication through satellite phones. 

In case of emergencies, Satellite phones will come to your rescue, you can communicate with police, family or other important things even when there is no power, telephone or internet services. Your communication lines will still be open even if you’re travelling to isolated areas with no telephone or internet services. Satellite phones have a reputation that they will keep you connected even when nothing else in the world is working. 

Another important thing about these phones is that they provide more coverage than a smartphone. If you’re someone who travels a lot due to work or a businessman who needs to be constantly in connection with your team and clients then satellite phones are perfect for you. Be it a forest or high mountain you can still communicate with your team without worrying about connecting issues.

Ultimate Guide to buy a satellite phone

If you think Satellite phones are something that has recently seen light then you’re highly wrong. They have been around for more than two decades. The first satellite technology was developed back in 1979. Now that you know more about satellite phones, but wondering what are the essential things you need to know and consider before purchasing one? Then check out the guide below. 

Determine your needs 

You have decided to purchase a satellite phone. Don’t just go to a site and purchase the first phone that comes into your view. Before you shortlist a phone you must first determine your needs. This is the first and most important step that will determine your journey in buying the perfect phone for you. As you see, if you understand your needs and reasons on why you need a satellite phone you will be able to make a better decision in purchasing the satellite phone. 

There are products that are suitable for a specific purpose this is why you need to understand your needs. If your purpose to purchase a satellite phone is to use in no signal coverage area, SOS and tracking, for better broadband access or simple voice, texting and emailing. You can check out products based on your requirements once you determine the purpose. Apart from that, you must also consider where you will be using it. Will you be making calls from a vehicle, building, boat or plane. Because based on the environment you may also look for specialised accessories that are compatible for your satellite phone. 

Satellite Networks 

One of the first things you must make sure is that your satellite phone has a good satellite network behind it. So compare different satellite networks before you make a final decision. Analyse the different satellite networks to see whether they meet your requirements or not. There are many best networks such as iridium, THURAYA, inmarsat, etc so it is important to analyse and compare different networks before you decide. 

Some of the key points you must consider while analyzing networks is whether they have a clear line-of-sight connection to a satellite. Not only that, it is hard to establish a clear line of sight in high-terrain areas such as tall buildings, mountains, etc. So you must determine which satellite (whether Low-Earth Orbiting Satellite or Geosynchronous (GEO) orbiting satellite) they are using for their network. Because each of these satellites has different benefits. So check the overviews of the satellite networks and analyse them based on these points and then choose the network that matches your requirements.

Compare satellite phones 

Once you’re done with choosing the satellite network that is in line with your requirements, the next step is choosing your satellite phone. A satellite network doesn’t just release one single satellite phone, right? For example, Iridium satellite offers different satellite phones such as Iridium 9575 Extreme, Iridium PTT, Iridium 9505A, Iridium 9555. All the phones have different features such as battery life, coverage, internet access availability, etc. So you must choose a satellite phone that is compatible with your requirements. 

If you’re looking for a satellite phone with Global coverage that you can use in high terrestrial areas and allows you to send SOS then you must choose a phone that offers all these features. So the best way to find out this is by comparing different satellite phones. Don’t you do this while purchasing a smartphone? You look for a phone that has the best camera, battery backup, internal storage right? So it is similar for satellite phones too. Also comparing will help you in understanding if you need to purchase any additional accessories or not. 

Best satellite Phone Plan 

This brings us to the satellite phone plans. A network offers different satellite plans, so make sure you select a phone plan based on your requirements. Check the price of monthly plans, special facilities they offer. Along with that also check the additional charges involved. Each network has its unique plans. Some have 10 months to 150monthly plans. But one thing that you must not forget is to compare the prices between network providers before making your decision. Another important detail you must remember is that you cannot remove sim cards from one satellite phone to another so make your choice wisely.

New, Used or Rent 

Now that you have successfully selected a network and satellite phone within that network. It is time to decide whether you will be purchasing a new phone or used one or you will be renting a satellite phone. Based on your budget and the necessity you can make the decision. 

Wrapping Up 

Satellite Phones will help you in communicating from anywhere on this planet. You don’t have to worry about disasters or travelling to high terrestrial areas. Be it a mountain or a forest, you will never again lose connection while communicating. Hope this buying guide has contributed to improving your knowledge about satellite phones and help you in purchasing a satellite phone that will match your needs.