These 5 Small Business Functions Can Be Effortlessly Outsourced

Anyone trying to run a small business understands that all things are not created equal. Although they’d like to compete with the guys in the big league, it isn’t always possible. The difference always seems to be money and that’s something a small business just can’t compete with. There may come a day when they graduate to a medium sized business, and with work, they might even make it to the big leagues themselves, but not today. Actually, the five small business functions we are about to look at can facilitate major growth, so perhaps that day is closer than you think. Let’s look at those functions now.

1. Human Resources

If you had to choose any one department you couldn’t do without, wouldn’t it be human resources? There are so many duties within the function of HR that this is one team you should always find a budget for. Thankfully, HR can easily be outsourced. ‌Teams like the HR outsourcing Salt Lake office of G&A can handle everything remotely and all meetings can take place via video conference apps like Zoom.

2. Accounting

Accounting is actually the number one outsourced function in business today. There is a long tradition of hiring a certified public accountant (CPA) to handle the books for small businesses. Now, accountants do everything from helping to create a budget, to working toward going lean and handling time cards and payroll. Also, it works out far less expensive to outsource to an accounting service than paying the salaries of a full-time accounting/bookkeeping department. All the services are there – it’s just cost effective.

3. Sales

Outsourcing sales can be a little more complicated. The reason for this is that there are several ways to get your product out to market. Sometimes a sales team will work with distributors and other times they will bring product directly to your market at sales events. An outsourced sales force is especially trained in closing sales and so this is becoming quite a popular function to outsource. Not surprisingly, even mega corporations outsource sales because of the level of expertise and success they have to offer.

4. Customer Service

Since the usual way in which consumers interact with the customer service team is either in an online chat bot feature or over the telephone, it really doesn’t matter whether you team is on site or not. The only real concern is whether or not they are familiar enough with the products and company policy to resolve any issues a consumer might be dealing with. Actually, if you have the right customer service outsourced team, this should not be a problem. If it is? It’s time to contract with another service. 

5. Tech Support

No matter what kind of technology your small business manufactures or sells, the one thing you can be certain of is that at some point a consumer will need some level of tech support – even if it’s only for clarification of what is in the manual.

The wonderful thing about outsourcing functions is that it enables you to have professionals on the job at all times. Recent statistics show that greater than 54% of today’s companies outsource. Whether your outsourced teams are in the United States or located abroad, you can be sure that outsourcing will give your small company the same level of professionalism as all those big name, big buck stores.