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Three Actionable Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

Your email marketing program is something you need to constantly adjust. Whether you find a more suitable template or decide to try a different kind of content, you can always improve. In this article, we’ll give you three actionable tips to help you level up your email marketing and get better results. Are you ready?

First, what is email marketing to you?

Every great project starts with a simple question: “Why?”. So, before you go ahead and create another campaign, ask yourself why you started email marketing.

Was it because you thought it was great to talk to all those people on your list?

Or because you knew it would help your brand?

Increase your sales?

Determining this important mission is key to refining your voice and achieving real, palpable results. Once you have your answer, you can focus on another three-letter word: “how.”

So, how do you fulfill your goal?

There are several things you can do to improve your email marketing. While trying all of them at once may seem overwhelming, integrating the following strategies into your routine is absolutely doable!

Get an email checker to prune your list

If your metrics aren’t making you happy, one of the reasons could be that you haven’t cleaned your list in a while. But there’s good news: an email checker can quickly solve this issue.

Email lists easily become inaccurate. How does that happen?

  • people abandon their email addresses and switch to different providers
  • or they change jobs, and their old address become obsolete
  • your list may acquire abuse emails, which belong to users who will mark you as spam
  • some people may sign up for a content offer with a temporary email address, which will bounce
  • also, depending on your practices, you may have gathered catch-all emails, which will also affect your bounce rate.

These are just a few examples of bad email addresses that will hurt your sender reputation. Consequently, your email marketing will take a hit. Many of your emails will start going to the Spam folder. Furthermore, some of them may not get delivered at all. That’s because Internet Service Providers will think of you as someone who doesn’t follow best practices.

By using an email checker like ZeroBounce, you can remove the bad data from your list and continue to email confidently. As your deliverability improves, you’ll notice your open and click rates go up. Finally, you’ll be able to get the return on investment you’ve been expecting from your email marketing.

Use GIFs in your emails

You’ve probably seen the GIFs trend in email marketing recently. Do you like GIFs? Include them in your emails, too! They add a touch of humor to your campaigns, and there’s no better way to create a bond with your audience than using humor.

Do you feel like GIFs don’t fit your brand voice? While that may be true, you can still use them on special occasions. For example:

  • if you’re running a promo and you really want to get people’s attention.
  • when you send birthday or anniversary emails – you do send those, don’t you?

Visuals are an essential part of your email marketing. They help you tell a story when you don’t want to use too many words. Also, they complement and strengthen your messages and can make a point in seconds.

However, be careful when including GIFs in your emails. Make sure you test them before you send your campaigns, as some providers won’t render them well. Most of your subscribers open your emails on their mobiles, so tweak them to ensure they show up nicely on a phone screen.

Email marketing is all about content

Sure, having a neat email list matters. After all, it’s what supports your deliverability and ensures you communicate with real people. But real people also expect great content from you.

What makes for great content? In a nutshell, content that responds to your audience’s interests and needs. In order to find out what those are, it’s worth taking the time to know the people on your list.

Look at all the data you’ve gathered about your subscribers, such as:

  • the reason they subscribed
  • their name, location and gender
  • the stage they’re at in the sales funnel
  • their purchase history.

Even with these few elements alone, you’ll be able to personalize your emails and run better email marketing campaigns. Once you segment your list based on this information, do your best to craft the type of content your subscribers would like to receive.

Kind reminder: avoid making every one of your emails a sales pitch. Brands bombard us with ads every day. Whenever they get an email from you, people should feel an urge to open it thanks to the great stuff you’re sending. Think about that before every campaign, and your email marketing will improve.


Email marketing has become the number one source of revenue for hundreds of thousands of companies across the world. When you do it right, it will scale your business and increase your ROI. Stay flexible and open to adjustments to tap into its tremendous potential.